Thursday, June 3, 2010

RnR San Diego: Race Preview

Since I'll be too busy skinny dipping swimming in the ocean on Saturday, I thought that I would post my traditional race preview post today.

The race itself should be really fun. I've said before that my favorite place in the continental USA is San Diego - with Napa being a VERY close second. I love how the weather is fairly consistent, the beach is close, there is liberal use of bikinis, and everyone is friendly and laid back. One of my favorite vacations to date was a week in San Diego with some very close friends.

I'm planning to meet up with Jeff, Lauren, and Rio before the start. I also know that there are a few other bloggers who are planning on running the race. Feel free to hunt me down if you would like. I'm going to line up next to the 3:30 pacer and will be milling around the start at least an hour before hand wearing this (actually more like this).

The race is a bit hilly towards the front with some 300 ft ups and downs but then it levels off at the half as it gets very close to the ocean. 26 soul crushing miles later, it ends at Sea World. I am interested to see how much they incorporate Sea World into the finish line activities. Believe me, if there are little Nemo's handing out recovery drinks and Shamoo with finishers medals shooting out of his (her?) blow hole, I'll be sure to post pictures.

Like always, I've created my three levels of goals for this race. Meeting the A goal is the best case scenario while NOT meeting the C goal serves as a complete disaster. Quite honestly, I hesitated to put these in this time because I truly am going to run this as a training run. Just like Forrest Gump said: "If I was tired....I slept"** and mid-race naps aside, that is basically what I plan on doing. If I'm tired, I'm going to slow down. If I need to walk to refill my bottles, that is fine too. But, since I know that a lot of people like numbers more than fluff, here'goes:

A Goal: DON'T GET HURT / Have fun
B Goal: Sub 3:30
C Goal: Sub 3:40

So, that is what I am going to try to do. I'm planning on using this race as a test to plan for RnR Seattle in 3 weeks. If I can hold on to the 3:30 pace with little effort I'm TOYING with the idea of lining up with the 3:20 pacer in Seattle and seeing how long I can hold on. On the surface the pace differences wouldn't seem like a lot (8:00 vs 7:38)- but even 22 seconds a mile over the course of 26 miles really adds up. Wish me luck, but more importantly, wish me no injuries.

This weekend is a popular one for races. A last send off before we all dive head first into summer. Good luck to everyone else who is racing....."May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face" Until we meet again.

**Side note. I was searching for the exact Forrest Gump quote via google and came across a post of my own as the first google result! Too surreal:


Morgan said...

Good luck buddy!!! Please just promise to run smart and don't hurt yourself all over again!!!

Jamoosh said...

Be the injury free runner. Good luck!

RunningLaur said...

Good no injuries!
I'll look for that very distinctive shirt shirt at the start line - way to help us out. (I'll be in my bright yellow MM shirt.)

Think we'd ll be able to find each other on the beach passed out Sunday afternoon? I know I'll be looking to sleep in the sun for a while.

Chad said...

Be careful googling like that! You could loop the internet back on itself and create a wormhole.

Jill said...

Good luck!!!!!!!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Okay, so I might be the first one to call you out...if you have already covered this one, feel free to blast me for it....

When are you gonna quit beating around the bush and go for a BQ?

Julie said...

Good luck Adam! Have fun and take lots of pictures:)

EZEthan said...

Good luck... break a leg!!!

Chris Korn said...

Adam, welcome to my 'hood. Have a blast.

Michele said...

Good luck Adam!! Your going to rock it injury free, then rock it again in Seattle!

Colin Hayes said...

Even five seconds a mile over 26 miles is significant!
Good luck and enjoy the race...injury-free.
Not sure how long you'll be in Seattle, but if it's long enough, let's have a beer. Or two.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

I actually read that quote and was like "I think he's quoted that before. Good quote."

Aaaand I've officially reached creeper status on your blog.

Google the first line to On a Boat if you dare.
"Oh Shit, Get Your Towels Ready It's about to go down"
Had that awakening over the weekend when I was double checking my quoting on some Boat Party FB Pics.

At least we know what we like right? Not everyone can say that. said...

Wishing you no injuries! Have a great race!

Glenn Jones said...

Whew. I'm glad I had my sunglasses on when I scrolled down to that vacation pic.

I'll be looking for you!