Thursday, June 10, 2010

PMS: Post Marathon Syndrome

Here I thought that I was being all clever with my title and The Penguin, John Bingham, one ups me. C'est la vie

For some reason this week, I'm having a bit of a harder time getting out and hitting the road. It isn't like I don't want to - but resetting my alarm at 5:00am has been much more attractive than actually getting up and pounding the pavement.

I got out yesterday amongst a 6:00am call for work and got in my first 5 miles post marathon. They felt good, in an awkward "baby deer trying to walk" kind of a way. I was going to run 7 this morning, but just couldn't drag my arse out of bed. I think that I may have PMS: Post Marathon Syndrome.

I've heard of this before and it seems like I have all of the symptoms:
  • Apathy towards running
  • I'm retaining water
  • Frequent use of the snooze button (which I never do)
  • Questioning my future race goals
  • Hot flashes (literally - but I think this one is the 105+ heat)

Alas, I will get out there and get the miles in. What usually helps bring me out of a funk is going out and running some HARD puke-inducing miles as punishment. (Don't lie, we all do it.) Nothing like a humbling run to get yourself out of the shame cycle.
Honestly, I am going to try to use these few runs as a litmus test** for Rock and Roll Seattle. I'm thinking I may try to go out with the 3:20 pacer and see what happens. If nothing else, I'll have the fastest 22 miles I've ever ran - followed by about an hour of walking.

So, what do you do when you get in a bit of a slump? I normally turn to runners world for some motivation. But, since I haven't subscribed in a very long time, I'm going to dive head first into a stack of Triathlete magazines that RunningLaur gave me. If nothing else, maybe I'll finally take the leap and sign up for my first tri. Or, I guess I could spend my life savings and get a sweet sweet Speedo wetsuit. I've always wanted to feel like a human sausage.

**High School science worked into blog!? Check.


RunningLaur said...

Hey, Laura at Absolut(ly) Fit didn't train in between marathons. Taper, baby.

Jamie said...

Ha, pms, good way to put it. I'm sure it's okay to feel weird after running 26 miles. Give yourself a break! Go do something you really want to do right now.

Shelly said...

You either have PMS or post partum depression.
I'd vote for the triathalon, but I have a warped sense of humor...I just want to see you in a wetsuit!
Run along now.

The Sean said...

Hey Adam,
Don't sweat it... give yourself some time to relax and just walk if you want to. In a couple of days you'll be itching to go again.

Rad Runner said...

PMS, I am still laughing inside.. I hope to remember and use this after my first marathon!

EZEthan said...

Suck it up!!! Those Rock n' Roll multiple marathon medals aren't going to earn themselves!!!

That's great that you break yourself out of the "I don't like to run" mode by running till you're about to puke... seems counter-intuitive to me but to each their own.

Pam said...

I'm feeling the exact same way these days. But I have no marathon to blame it on. These days I'm much happier on the couch with a cold beverage.

Running Through Phoenix said...

What you need is illegal my friend. Get to Nevada quick then get back and start training.

Emz said...

I'm going with PMP

P ost
M arathon
P sychosis

But do take midol for any cramps.

Cindy said...

Go for the TRI...variety always spices things up :)

destinationathlete said...

I hear ya....I'm debating on signing up for yet another half-marathon this year, but the thought of the training still makes me wince a little on the inside...ah well.

If I had any good advice I'd share it, otherwise I just say to go out there and DO IT.

Rad Runner said...

In response to your response..

Its actually VERY creepy that the tops are standing up all straight and stiff, even more creepy after a nice glass of wine..

But hey, it's NIKE they have enough money to do just about anything, we already know they sold their sole! aaaahhhh ha ha ha crackin myself up... ahhh ha ha ha eh. eh heee

Cynthia O'H said...

You just finished a marathon. You need to do nothing for a few days and gradually start up again.

Have you registered for another race that's coming up? It sounds like you might need something to give you a bit of a jumpstart. Something at the beginning of July would be perfect.

Her Name is Rio said...

I'm guessing your body still needs some type of recovery and it's doing so by rebelling against the alarm clock. You've got such a strong base I 'd try to not worry about it too much. Just be sure to get a "real" 3:20 pacer-no more of this sub 3 pacer stuff next time! I know you can and will do it when your body is ready!

Jill said...

You're not in a slump, your body's telling you it's tired, you stressed it, and needs a rest!!!

Teamarcia said...

I agree, your body is fatigued and it's telling you so. Personally I go for the puke-inducing speedwork to shake me out of that funk but that's because I'm a dog paddler.
Go tri for your tri.

Angie Bishop said...

whip it, whip it good!!! hahaha! that is so stuck in my head now!

Every time I experience the slump after a big event I forget that just because I know that slump will inevitably come doesn't mean that I won't still feel it.

I still don't handle it well although have learned that running after a longer run helps with the soreness and aches and pains. It gets the kinks out. No speed work but those nice runs where you just run for the sake of it. Maybe that will help.....

kilax said...

I usually read blogs or RW too when I am in a slump.

Glenn Jones said...

When yu figure it out let me know. I'm still trying to get back on track from the L.A. Marathon back in March! said...

Glad to hear you are retaining water, especially in all of that heat : ) Take you time and rest. I'm so excited that you are thinking of training for your first tri! If you think the ladder workout makes you want to puke, just wait until you try to swim. Fast. And we all know you'll have to swim fast! (It's not polite to puke in the pool, btw!) Hope you had a great weekend.