Monday, May 24, 2010

Running Long and LOST

This weekend I ran as far as I will ever run for RnR San Diego on June 6:

19 miles 8:11 pace (8:22 pace with a 3 min bathroom break)

It was a good solid run. I did 10 miles by myself and then picked up my wife on her bike for the last 9. I really wanted to hold the 8:10 pace so I probably pushed it a little harder than I should have towards the end of the run. Today, every time I try to sit on the toilet, my hamstrings are paying the price. For some reason after long runs at a highish pace, my hamstrings are the most sore.

Honestly, I wish that I could say that I’ve ran 3 of those 19 milers and was able to maintain that same speed, but I honestly just didn’t have the time in the training cycle. This is only my 6th week back running after being laid up for 5 weeks and I wanted to follow the 10% weekly mileage increase rule. Of course, I only loosely followed the rule….If you can figure out how 10% gets me from 0 a week to 39 miles a week by only increasing 10% at a time let me know. So, math aside, I’m not injured and I think that I’ll be able to run San Diego somewhere around a 3:35 as a normal training run. Either that, or I’ll fail spectacularly and will have the pictures to prove it.


So last night I, just like many others I assume, watched the season finale of LOST. Rest assured that it hurt my head as much to watch as the beers I drank during the show hurt my head today.

Each week my wife gets a weekly basket of farmer’s market fruits / vegetables and each week they include something ‘weird’. Well this week I feel like they must have planned for the LOST finale because the ‘weird’ item was a coconut!! I decided to capitalize on the irony and go to town:

I'm not sure how Hugo on Lost stays so 'plump' because getting into coconuts is a pain in the ass. I had to break out heavy machinery and get to poking

Coconut "milk" is all the rage, so I poured some out and tasted it. Creamy but not too strong. I could see how people like that stuff

When I was beating the thing into submission opening it with a hammer, the coconut opened perfectly to have an umbrella drink!

So, of course I had to test it out

Hope everyone's week is going well. Tomorrow should be less busy so I should have a chance to get all caught up!


Chad said...

Coconut milk is a natural fix for constipation. Enjoy that. Also, I heard a rumor about you.

aron said...

nice job on the long run! SD is right around the corner :) have funnnn!

Emz said...

I'm just surprised you still have all your fingers after seeing those tools.

Barefoot AngieB said...

mmmm coconut!!
Nice long run!
I am still on season 2 about 3/4 of the way through. I need to get on it before Hulu still has it all available.

Jamoosh said...

8:22 - San Diego ain't stopping the clock for your bathroom breaks!

EZEthan said...

I get the same thing with my hamstrings on my long runs... usually I'll reach a certain point in my long run where my pace will actually start picking up and I'll kinda hit a rythm even though my legs are starting to fatigue... then the next few days my hamstrings will hurt... not sure if this is the same with you but I've pretty much tracked it down to the fact that I lengthen my stride as I start to get tired and I think that stetches me out more than I'm used to.

Cynthia O'H said...

Good job on the comeback. I'm in the same boat (or on a similar road) - trying to recover faster than the 10% rule allows.

Are you stretching your legs after your long runs? A bit of extra time on the floor might be all you need.

Great story about the coconut milk.

Running Through Phoenix said...

What are you planning to run this coming weekend?

MCM Mama said...

Nice job on the long run!

LOL at the coconut. My boys once begged Beer Geek to open one for them so that they could eat it. After a lot of hammering and swearing, he succeeded, only to have the boys decide they didn't like it. ;o)

destinationathlete said...

If you ever get a coconut again, you can certainly mail it to me...I LOVE THEM!! :)

inspiREDtorun13 said...

Never got into LOST. Hearing how confused everyone is confirms my need for mindless-and-or hilarious television.

A "That's What She Said Joke?" > Scratching My Head in confusion.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

I'm not opposed to watching the show at some point. I might watch the ending as my first episode though. Haha.

Colin Hayes said...

Nice long run. You've done the marathon thing before, so I'm sure you'll be ready for SD R&R.
I've never had coconut milk, but have tried coconut water. Can't say I loved it, but it's supposed to be a good recovery drink.

Chris Korn said...

If you have any questions about SD R&R or the area, let me know. I live here and have run it 3 times. About holding the 8:10 pace, maybe you should not stop next time (I didn't say to not go).

Glenn Jones said...

That's a tremendous run Adam! Now it's time to rest up. Race in 2 weeks! See you in San Diego.

Her Name is Rio said...

Yea, with this training cycle, RNR SD is no longer an A race for the year. You kept up a pretty good pace on your long runs, though- so I'm sure you're gonna smoke it in SD!