Thursday, May 27, 2010

I are running

As I looked through my posts the last two or so weeks (honestly, I read my own posts more than I should admit), I realized I hadn’t had a lot of nudity lately had many full on running posts lately. So, here goes….an entire post dedicated to putting one foot in front of the other:

Overall, my running has been going well. This is one of the first times I’ve approached 40 miles a week and had NO pain. I think that it’s mostly due to my foam roller. I’ve always been good about stretching but have still battled with SUPER tight calves (get it??? picture of calves?? I'm on a ROLL!) and shin splints. Now however, after each run I put myself through about 10 minutes mind numbing, white spot educing pain that no man, never mind a wuss like me, should ever need to endure. After I am done I have no pain! Although, I can’t help but wonder if it is sort of like the old saying “How do you get your foot to stop hurting? Hit your hand with a hammer!”

I normally train the full 18 weeks for a marathon. This time I crammed it all into about 8 weeks. *Knock on wood* I’m still relatively healthy. I maxed out at 39 miles per week and have done a tempo day and a track day nearly every week. Gosh, if I knew that I could train for a marathon that quickly I wouldn’t have wasted the full 18 weeks all of the times before! Of course, I’m kidding…sort of.
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I’ve said this before, but not only am I a boring blogger, but I am a boring runner. Case in point, I give you my last three running routes:

At 5:00am, I’m less worried about varying the scenery and more worried about being able to find my way back. With sleep matted eyes, repetition is key.

Finally, for the numbers junkies out there, here are the details in this week’s runs. I finally took a well deserved stepback week. Step back in miles, but not in intensity:

6 miles: 7:09 overall pace (5 miles at tempo of 7:02)

5 miles: 8:07 overall pace (recovery...sort of)

6 miles: 7:31 overall pace (2 mile repeats at 6:31 & 6:23 pace and an 800 repeat at 6:21 pace)

Next week I'll bring back up the miles. Being a marathon week, this may be a little counter intuitive however I'm REALLY going to try to run RnR SD like I would a normal training run. Just much much longer.

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Jamoosh said...

Analness happening right now. I thought it was interesting that you ran a slower pace on a shorter run (nevermind the type of run). Anyway, doing a little math, if you were to transpose the difference between the five mile run and the six mile runs, you would run your marathon at approximately a 4:42 pace. And your last mile would be 53.29 seconds...

I am going to shoot myself now.

Adam said...

Jamoosh - I subscribe to the theory that after a hard day's runs you should either rest completely or get a few miles in at a slow recovery pace. Of course, my Wednesday run wasn't exactly "enough" of a recovery run but that is why i try to run those on a treadmill while I am traveling!

Maybe I'll try that for RnR SD. Run the entire marathon as a progression run. Although, if I did that I'd have to start out at a 30:00 pace.

RunningLaur said...

I appreciate the boringness of your running. It's all
about consistency, eh?
One of these days I'll think of 5/6/5 or the like as a
cutback week.

ShutUpandRun said...

Those calves are cute. So are the three routes of your run - I will say, you are very consistent.

Pam said...

Who says consistency is a bad thing??? The first and last two miles of my runs are almost always the same route.

Teamarcia said...

My foam roller no longer induces the white spot inducing agony you speak of...alas the magic is gone. said...

So glad I am not the only one who reads their own blog...

destinationathlete said...

Damn. You're fast.

And I'm the same way with my training routes - thinking just doesn't work for me in the morning, or during a run. I swear I get stupid when I run long.

Her Name is Rio said...

My 4-6 mile runs are usually done in the mornings and they are usually pretty consistent for the same reason. But if it works, it works!

inspiREDtorun13 said...

So tell me what is it like to run like a gazelle? What does that feel like?

I only know the feeling of a tight calf jog.

Fun fact about me: I find new places to run NOT new routes to run. The route I use for each place, more than likely was what I tried the first time I ran there. It's okay.

Chris Korn said...

Do you ever get tired of people saying, "Dude, great blog, you crack me up"? I'm a newbie here, but I'm digging your boring site.

Cynthia O'H said...

Some people - actually, a lot of us - are creatures of habit. I'm sure I'm not the only one who also runs the same boring route a lot.

When was the last time you bought new shoes? That might solve the shin splint problem.

Jamie said...

I need to change it up with my routes. Maybe you boys don't feel that need. It's difficult for me to run past the same stuff over and over and over again. But great job being consistent! :)

kilax said...

I didn't get the calves joke until you explained it. But I like it :)

How awesome that you hit 40 sans pain. I would love to do a 40 week some day!