Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cacti love and Blisters

The good:
I had a GREAT tempo run this morning. 6 miles, 7:04 overall pace with 5 miles at 6:58 pace. (Yeahhhh, so much for that warm up mile***) I feel like I am really starting to get back into running. My legs don't feel like they are going to fall off anymore and I have been able to hit my paces.

So, to strike while the iron is hot, I am going to run the Tempe, AZ Arbor Day 5K! Did you know it was arbor day? Nope, me either. Will that stop me from running this race? Nope. I may even hug a tree when I am done. Although, with my luck I'll probably end up hugging a cacti. Lovely.

I'm going to hit this race hard. No wussy-footing around**** on this one. I'm planning on racing it to set a baseline for the summer - when I plan on focusing on getting faster and running a sub 19:00 5K. I'll run another 5K in the fall to see where I ended up and try to hit the 19:00.

The bad:
Blisters. I have been SUPER lucky so far to not have any troubles with blisters. None. I even wear *gasp* COTTON socks almost exclusively. However, quite ironically, I got a few during my Pat Tillman 4.2 mile walk. The reason I feel I got them is because my wife and I were power walking the entire thing and I was using a strong heel/toe walking stride. I normally am a pretty solid midfoot striker so I don't have a lot of heel pressure and therefore don't have many calluses there.

Just like all things must come to an end (god willing Justin Bieber fits into this) so too does my win streak with blisters. During today's run, I had a few hot spots on my heels near where I had my other blisters and I can feel another lovely coming on. I'm not sure what the reason is for this, but I may just have to switch over to the few tech socks that I have to see if that helps....maybe some body glide too.

The ugly:
I thought that I would go just a little Steve in a Speedo on you and share my woes. Hopefully at least someone out there has a foot fetish and will get a charge out of this. Enjoy!

Closeup of the culprits

If you look closely at the one on the left, based on the shape of the blister you'd think that I was wearing my Sperm Rocket Shoes (click the link - you'll laugh...promise).

Like I said, being a blister 'virgin', I haven't had to deal with these much. Any suggestions?

*** I'm always warm because of the fire in my heart that burns for blogging (hehe)
**** Keeping it PG-13 for the kiddies


Pam F. said...


ShutUpandRun said...

You shouldn't turn me on this early in the morning. My foot and blister fetishes are going wild.

gene said...

in the Army, we used mole skin for blister care. cut out a dognut shape a bit bigger than the culprit, with the hole leaving he actual blister uncovered. get some tincture of benzoine or some other sticky stuff to help keep the moleskin in place. good times.

Jamoosh said...

Bio-Freeze works wonder on blisters. Seriously!

Christy said...

Gross. I get grossed out every time I see Steve in a Speedo's nasty blisters, and I'm just as equally grossed out by yours. Blech.

(This coming from a girl who posted a pic of a runner pooping his pants)

If I get blisters, they usually go away within a day or two. I've never had bad ones. So I have no good advice. :(

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Yep, I am sure Speedo Steve will be all over this:)

I am also a virgin blister girl! God, I hope I never have to deal with them....wishful thinking:) Take care!

Running Through Phoenix said...

switch to synthetics --you'll never turn back. crazy fast, sounds like you are recovered. Are you going for sub 20 Friday?

Her Name is Rio said...

The 1st picture of the blisters were okay but I had to retract my head back from the screen with the close up shot! Ouch!

Glenn Jones said...

Ouch! Those blisters look pretty painful. I got some blisters after my first marathon, but after changing socks I haven't had any other problems. Sorry, but I'm no help here.

Nitmos said...

Mmmmmm, meaty.

I only get blisters on the ends of my second toes...which happen to be longer than my inappropriately named "big" toe.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

I can't believe all these people are blister virgins. Seriously? I guess because I used to dance in pointe shoes, I've just accepted blisters as a part of life.

For me I seem to get blisters for a few reasons. New shoes. Increase in mileage. OR just getting back into it after a break. My bet would be besides speed walking you're getting blisters because your mileage went down, a few callouses wore thin, etc.
I've heard body glide works. Also bandaids are great until they are gone. Blisters are battle scars. Be proud.

RunningLaur said...

I see the potential for a lot of hugging things photos on Friday....