Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bike Ride FAIL

For the first time in a while, biking is testing my motivation and drive. The problem is that while I love to bike, I have a much harder time to get myself out of bed and get-to-peddling than I do with running. I'll find any excuse to bag it for the morning. This morning's excuse was that I slept like shit. Over the last week or two reasons have included:
  • Oh, I'll do it in the afternoon (never happens)
  • The dingo ate my baby (not even a reason, this is a Seinfeld quote)
  • I had too much to drink the night before and my head feels like there is a little coal miner inside chiseling away (Suck it up wussy)
  • mmmrrrmmmm (I assume this is me mumbling away while sleeping)
  • I slept like crap (I don't even have kids!!)

For the record, today I did sleep like shit. It was even one of those that even now at noon my neck / jaw are a bit sore. But that said, I know in my heart that if I had 6 miles of running on the agenda I would have sucked it up and got out there.

Oh, don't worry - I'm going to continue to try to keep cranking out the miles. Besides, if I don't, the clothes that I set out the night before just mock me all day long:
Can't you tell that they are judging me?

If I can sneak away long enough this weekend I want to get a 50 mile bike ride in - even if only to be able to say that I've done one. The problem is that we're having Easter at my house with a 30+ person invite list and my wife has this crazy idea that we need to clean before. I promised that I'd pick up my socks!

Does everyone else have trouble with other non-running sports? (Stretching I feel like is a popular one.) How do you push through when you just don't have the drive to do it?

I'm thinking that my solution may be to put some electrodes on my nipples that connect to my alarm clock... That'd get me outta bed.


Running Through Life said...

I feel for you. I hope you can find the motivation until you can run again.

Good luck with picking up your socks. I am sure your wife will appreciate it. In fact she probably owes you for doing so.

The Sean said...

I have a problem with fitting my cleaning schedule in. Always lose the motivation too... BTW, tell your wife that the house looks great!

"Hey, hun, I posted some pictures of the house on the blog and everyone keeps mentioning how beautiful and clean the (specific area of house) looks!"

Maybe ride the trainer while company is there?

RunnuRMark said...

Jeez...biking is a bit easier for me, I think. Hell...you get to SIT while you workout!!! And if you get tired, somehow coasting or pedaling slower doesn't seem as bad as walking to me. I say constantly try new routes. Keeping things fresh should help with motivation. If you already do that, well, then I got nothing. Sorry!

inspiREDtorun13 said...

Funny...I was actually about to post about this. (Sorta).

I too have to take a break from running. I think it'll be like a week. Nothing really excites me as much. (Although the stationary bike is a nice change.) I HATE no LOATHE the elliptical. Maybe I'll start to like it more now that I'll be forcing myself to try it but I DOUBT IT.

I feel like I'm pretty good about stretching. I could definitely make room for a few yoga classes in my schedule..but at least I don't neglect stretching and warming up before a run.

Hopefully not too much longer before your alarm going off means it's time for a run!

Whitney said...

Maybe the dingo really did eat your baby. That, or you've lost your fiance.

Tricia said...

print up a schedule. I don't know how you were before, but I had been following a training schedule when I injured my ankle. Then when I couldn't run I felt lost without it. So I printed up a new "training" schedule (minus the runs). It helped me stay focused.

kilax said...

30+ people?! Wow!

I think the electrode idea is superb!

I can only get myself to use the bike in the gym if I have a mag to read. Strength training is even harder. I just always wish I was running...

kilax said...

30+ people?! Wow!

I think the electrode idea is superb!

I can only get myself to use the bike in the gym if I have a mag to read. Strength training is even harder. I just always wish I was running...

Jill said...

I love how that angel on your dresser is praying over your biking attire. I think that's some sort of sign!

Julie said...

Wowzer Adam, 30 people coming over for Easter!!!

I am not the greatest at stretching and really have to make myself do it. I don't like it...I would rather just run and be done:) I am now learning because my body needs the extra stretching! My joints remind me this after almost every run:) Hang in there...your motivation will come back:)

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Dude, a praying angel and a candle? Is that a guys dresser? :) Just kiddin'.

I have troubles with my core workouts, but never running. I have found that if I tell my wife I am going to do them she is pretty hard on me if I don't. That is my deterrent. (She is tough as nails.)

Psyche said...

Hi, Adam!
Are you over doing it on the bike? Perhaps that's why your motivation is flagging...? Just a thought.

For me, if I don't love the alternate exercise I have to find a way to connect it to running. Like I hate stretching, but in my head I equate it with being able to run faster- as in, if I can't get that 10 degree hip extenion, I can't be as fast as I should be. Something like that.

Good luck- you'll find a way:)

Vincent said...

Hey Adam, I've noticed often that you do a double strike through text. How do you do that on your blog? I don't have that text option. Also I have tried to do it in Word and then just copy and paste, and that didn't work either.


Rio said...

I also put my running clothes out on a counter the night before to "entice" me to get out there. It's good at making me feel a bit guilty if I don't. Maybe you can do the same thing with your bike?Maybe put your bike right next to your bed? Blocking the front door?

Do you have a trainer? If so, maybe you can park it in front of a favorite DVD?

Have your wife drop you and your bike off 50 miles away from home so you have to bike back home?

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

My motivation is simple. I remember all the injuries I had before I started stretching and crosstraining. That pretty much ensures that I do it often.

Vincent said...

yeah, storm the wall is a blast, one of my favourite weeks of the year.

Thanks for the help.

Glenn Jones said...

I just have my wife commit me to cleaning the house before 30+ people come over. Just kidding! Hey, I've been married for 23 years. She knows better than to do that.

Honestly, when J am having trouble getting motivated J jis the *old* picture out of the drawer and look at it. The one where I had the little burger shelf on top of my stach. That scares the shit out of me and out the door I'll go!

Ulyana said...

dude, the story of my life right now, hahaha!