Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winner Winner!

I have to admit, this giveaway was a lot of fun. I think that I just might have to make this a regular series. But, if everyone is like me and just can't wait to dive into the Trix box arm first to find the prize, you'll appreciate the lack of suspense. So, out of 55 possible entries, the winner was:

Congrats! Shoot me an email at TheBoringRunner (at) and I'll get the water bottle shipped out to you! Hopefully the mail is still running in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. I'm sure that the mailman has a team of sled dogs.

Anyway, there were a BUNCH of funny responses to my request to: Name an example of a time where you did something (running or otherwise) that went against conventional wisdom with either hilarious or amazing results. So, I thought that I HAD to share! I'll be back tomorrow, my boring self with some running updates and a strange weekend boating adventure.

Barefoot Angie B: I went against conventional wisdom and am now a barefoot runner who is faster and can run farther than the heavily shod one I used to be. I also have my babies at home, extended nurse, and home school. I am a tech savvy hippy kinda earth mother :)

Jenni: Ran the Krispy Kreme Challenge this month in Raleigh, NC - 2+ mile run to the Krispy Kreme shop, eat 12 doughnuts - then run the 2+ miles back. The challenge: do so, without puking, in under an hour. After successfully completing and celebrating with carbs of an alcoholic nature, we ended the night with a warmed up glazed original before hitting the sack. Stupid? Yes. Against conventional wisdom? Of Course. Will I be doing it again next year? Most likely! (She finished both the 5K and the doz Krispy Kreme's in 48:19!!)

Jeff @ Running Through Phoenix: Item four: Once I got so fat and out of shape that I started to walk then run to try to get back into shape. Soon I found myself sharing my running adventures on an online blog

ShutUpandRun: How about the time when I was being pulled behind a sailboat in the Chesapeake Bay with my boyfriend when jellyfish started stinging us. I had to rush back and climb up the boat and was being stung the whole time. All I cared about was getting on the damn boat. When I got up the ladder, I stood there and my potential future inlaws were all silently staring at me with only my bikini bottoms on. I guess the jellyfish at the top. Unconventional? No. Hilarious? To everyone but me. But since it was over 30 years ago I'm starting to get over it. (TOO funny)

Christy: Last summer I thought it'd be a good idea to take my dog for a walk at night. I wore flip flops, and about half way through the walk I decided I wanted to run. In flip flops. With a curious dog attached to my arm. So, I'm running, trying not trip over my own feet, when my dog decides to instantly switch directions. Knocking me completely flat on my knees, face, hands, you name it. Blood everywhere. Tears followed. Little neighbor boys laughing hysterically. Looking back, if I would've seen someone trying to run in flip flops while walking their dog...and then they fell (and fell hard), I would've laughed too.

spiREDtorun13: Probably one of the dumbest things I have done was to sign up for a race at my pool the morning after a flight home from Cali. The race was at 8AM (5AM West Coast time). Our flight was delayed... and we didn't make it home until after 2AM East Coast Time. I still got up to run it. Then I went off to work for a full day of lifeguarding. To be 19 again. I'm actually not sure if I did that race because of my love of running, the discounted fee as a member at the pool, or just so I could brag about how much of an idiot I was to sign up for a race I knew I'd be running jet lagged.

Bob: Took me a while to enter - I was in the hospital getting my burns taken care of. I tried to jump through a hoop in my back yard, caught my toe, tripped and lit my DryFit clothing on fire. As I was running around my yard with my hair on fire all I could think was I was going to end up like Michael Jackson but a least I'd have a 1 in a 100 chance of getting a cool Nathan handheld - shoot it most likely would have helped put out the fire..... At least I kept my Brooks from getting smokey. (How could I NOT share this story? Besides, out of the approx 25 people who commented, 55 overall comments, and 4 possible ways to enter, your chances were closer to 1 in 12!)

Psyche: I took all kinds of crap for letting my (then 8-yr old) son train for a HM. He ran it in 2:28, then went on to run his next one in 2:20. Everyone said I was being a bad parent for letting him run so many miles, but it turned out fine. Amazing, in fact. (That was boring, but it qualifies and I AM IN IT TO WIN IT, man!).

Leopold: On my last safari expedition I (accidenntally) cured the villagers of tetanus by sneezing on them (Dude, I'm 9!)


Barefoot AngieB said...

Congrats Julie!!!

ShutUpandRun said...

Congrats Julie, although I thought me without a bikini top would win the prize :) Great giveaway.

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Wow, I actually won!!! Thank you so much Adam:) I love your very funny and entertaining blog:) I enjoy reading your blog because you always make me smile and laugh! I can just imagine you as the class clown in high school and the guy that everyone wanted to hang around because you are so flipping witty and hilarious:)

I will e-mail you tomorrow. I hope that you have a fantastic week Adam!!

inspiREDtorun13 said...

@Bob--Just an FYI, I laughed reallyyy hard at your story :)

@Psyche- I bet the parents giving you a hard time are the same ones who let their kids eat too much junk food and watch too much TV. That's awesome!

Christy said...

Damn! Weren't you supposed to rig this thing so I could win?! Total FAIL. ;)

Congrats Julie!

Running Through Phoenix said...

I'm with Christy, this was a "sure bet". Last time I fall for one of your Ponzi pyramid 2 for one Trix cereal scams. Cool contest and thanks for the fun, now on to NO. Keep us posted!

Jill said...

Ok, I like Julie so won't be a crybaby!

Glenn Jones said...

Kripy Kreme challenge eh? That's my kind of race!