Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a week of runs...

...but not in a good way.

You may have been wondering why I haven't been posting specifically about my runs this week. Rest assured I have been running. But, I think that "running" in this instance is a pretty loose term. I've more been cursing while moving my legs very quickly.

I honestly held off on reporting on my runs because I didn't want to feel like I was crying like someone kicked my puppy complaining. It seems like sleeping on it makes me right as rain. Here is how my "recovery week" played out.

Tempo Tuesday:
Like I said before, my tempo run was a struggle from the start. I stayed on pace of 7:08 for 4 miles, but I was hurting - both literally and figuratively. My legs felt heavy and my shins were a little splint-y. Little did I know that this was going to foreshadow my week ahead.

Wednesday Easy Run:
5 miles @ 8:27 pace. This run was a bitch. No nice way to put it. My shins were screaming like a cheap death metal concert. No longer were they a little splint-y, I had full on shin splints.

I decided to run Wednesday afternoon which probably wasn't a good idea. I was staying in a new hotel last week which was surrounded by seemingly MILLIONS of stoplights. I could never get a good flow. I would run for 5 minutes and stop for 30 seconds at a busy intersection. Run for 5 more minutes, stop. Over and over again throughout the entire run. Ice, Topricin Gel, and self massage were to follow.

Thursday Intervals (Yasso 800s):
I went back and forth on doing these or just cranking out a few more junk miles. Ultimately, I decided to do them if it didn't hurt TOO bad and just jog it out if I was feeling more shin pain. I ended up with 3 out of 4 at a little bit "slower" pace of 6:37. (Normal pace of 6:20) Not a super good run, but not horrible like Wednesday.

What is a dashing, whitty, boring guy to do to try to fix an entire week of bad runs? Crack open my new shoes!

For my long run this week, I opened a shiny new Brooks box and laced up a new pair of kicks. HOORAY! That seemed to fix my shin issues - and possibly my mental issues as well. (No word on my itching when I pee issues.)

Sunday Long Run
12 miles, 8:06 pace. Back to normal. The new shoes seemed to do the trick. I had very VERY minimal discomfort during the first part of the run but other than that, everything was clicking.

During this shit-week of runs, I learned a number of things:
  • Listen to your body and always be on the lookout for small pains with old shoes
  • Sometimes the bad runs remind us of how awesome the good runs can be
  • Honestly, while some people may disagree, grunting out crappy runs prepares you mentally for the last 10% of a long race
  • Jay walking through red lights is not only a fun way to get in fartleks, it is a great way to keep the flow of a short run alive
I have a feeling that the bad days are behind me, but this was certainly a week to forget!


Rio said...

I agree- those banked bad runs do help me during tough future runs. Sorry to hear that your week of running was icky- but so happy that Sunday shows promise of normal running. Yay!

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
If it makes you feel better I have challenging weeks of running too!! Take care of your shin splints...hopefully the new shoes will be helpful:) Hang in there and keep your chin up!!

jeffg said...

Hey Adam, good to hear you pushed your way thru the bad week. How many miles on the old shoes? Just curious. i have a little over 200 on both my pairs now, but they still seem ok. I blew off my long run today because I ran the 5 mile race this morning. Not sure if that was a good idea or not but what the heck. I've got a 6 mile on Tuesday, 8 on Wednesday, and 6 again on Thursday. Any chance of running together this coming weekend? Be good.

RunningLaur said...

A bed week means a good week is waiting for you.

I'm convinced that there's no problem a pair of new Adrenalines can't cure. Maybe we should send a pair to Obama and the country would be magically healed too. Magical, I say.

The Sean said...

Way to work through it. Watch those small pains though...

When I am running in and around the city and get stuck at lights I just make the turn down the sidewalk to continue on. This works well to see more of an area... unless it looks to be an area you don't want to see;)

Jamoosh said...

Last week - nothing to see here; just move along...

RunnuRMark said...

I feel your pain on the tempo...mine sucked like a shopvac last week. I'm sure it was because I balls-out raced that 10k instead of doing 7 easy miles like I was supposed to, but it's not like you get to run underground every day.

And I totally agree on the jay walking. Car-dodging is the best motivation you can get when you don't want to do speed work.

Jill said...

I agree, too, about bad runs teaching us to appreciate the good ones more and makes us a littel tougher (I blogged about that, too, yesterday. Great minds must think alike, eh??). When I was reading your blog about the shin splints I was screaming, "get new shoes!!!!" and there you went and did it :). I know that really helps, not always but a lot of times. I'm taking a forced recovery week this week cuz I'm just really sinused congested and headached up today. It feels like I'm cheating or something, so I feel your pain last week! btw, that beard video was hilarious!! Have a great week!

inspiREDtorun13 said...

Nice bullets. Nice reminder about changing shoes. (For some reason I never realize just how bad my old pair have gotten until I put the new ones on.)

I completely agree about pushing through bad runs being the best prep for a race.

And as Dane Cook would say..."You Did Your Best" ;)