Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taper Madness

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It seems that every time I run a race that actually requires a multiple week taper, I get taper madness pretty bad. For me, symptoms include:

  • Over analyzing every little ache, pain, or burning sensation
  • Continuing to eat like a horse
  • Beating myself up about eating like a horse and then deciding that 15 gels a day is not a balanced diet
  • Difficulty getting my ass out of bed to get 'quality' runs in
  • Obsessing over race logistics
I suppose the first step is admitting that I have a problem. Fortunately, it is usually pretty short lived, but that doesn't make it any easier to slug through. The only thing that has made it any better is that I've had a pretty good stretch of runs over the past few days.

This weekend I ran my final 20 miler @ 8:29 pace. Another 20 miler, another bathroom pit-stop. This time I made it to mile 14. I really need to do some NASCAR style pit stop training to lose as little time during these breaks as possible. That and to desensitize my pit crew. Anyway, the run was just like any other 20 miler. Long, a bit boring, and I was really glad to have it done. I really wasn't into this run - it was purely an exorcise in getting the miles in and being done. That is usually a sure sign that I've done enough 20 milers for one training cycle.

On Tuesday, I did my normal tempo Tuesday run. 6 miles, 4 at tempo of 7:14. These were not on a treadmill but were outside. I was really impressed with my ability to keep the miles at a fairly consistent pace +/- 4 seconds of the 7:14. It was comfortably hard, but I feel that I could have pretty easily held that pace for another 2-3 miles without puking. Much longer than that and I am not sure.

So, I am still getting my runs in in spite of the madness. (And trying to ignore the taper madness troll that tells me to run 800 repeats until I can't run anymore) I'm still trying to get my runs in because I am still going to treat RnR New Orleans as a ramp up to RnR San Diego (where I WILL go out with the 3:20 pacer and will give him a big kiss if I am able to hold that pace through the finish).

I'll have my normal A,B,C goals post just before the race, but my mind is spinning as to WHAT those should be. Any advice?

10 days until RnR New Orleans


Jamoosh said...

You have a tape worm? What? Huh?

Morgan said...

My taper "madness" has involved me being so relentlessly tired I keep almost falling asleep on the phone with Spike at night and wanting to eat everything in sight. Hungry, hungry, hippo!!! I've honestly been ok so far though, I haven't been obsessing over the weather or twinges... YET. Ask me next week. :)

10 days for both of us! Woo hoo!!!

ShutUpandRun said...

You should give the pacer a french kiss. Make it a day he/she will never forget.

Kelly said...

Quality graphic. You can't go wrong with the Simpsons.

And for a moment there, I thought you meant 3:20 pace as in 3:20 miles. That's IMPOSSIBLE. But I'm stupid, so nevermind.

Show's how little I know about marathons. I'll be happy if I can finish my HALF marathon that fast!

RunnuRMark said...

I've got my first 20-miler of my training cycle coming up this weekend. So far I've been able to go without a bathroom break on the 16 and the 18. I like the astronaut suit idea though. Maybe just tape a plastic tube on that sucker and point it out the back of your shorts. That should also keep other runners off your heels.

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Wow, awesome job on the twenty miler:) You are so lucky to be running R&R New Orleans!! I have decided that I love pacers...I like having someone running next to me...I know it is probably mental but I really like pacers:)
Ten more days Adam, I am getting excited for you!!

Rio said...

Going a bit crazy? Sounds like you're ready to run RNR-NO! It's almost here. Getting excited yet?

Ace said...

I've got a can of gasoline and gigantic metal circle. I'm ready for the contest!

p.s. taper madness + combustible objects is probably not a good idea for you right now...

inspiREDtorun13 said...

I'm pretty jealous of all the RnR's you're getting to experience this year! I've decided I want to do one (HM)...either Virginia Beach or Philly since they are the closest to me. You're doing all the cool cities.

I've never been to've got to be getting pretty excited!

Ulyana said...

"Over analyzing every little ache, pain, or burning sensation"... that's what she said.

um, anyway, good luck with the madness and the race!!!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

I know exactly how you feel. Wow, the 3:20 pace group! That is awesome. I am training to get in that pace group by the end of the year. I am at 3:50 now. Let me know how that goes.

Glenn Jones said...

I know point #2 well. Good luck with the rest of taper madness week(s).