Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Running and the Super Bowl

First, my run. Fortunately last night I was able to sneak in 6 miles, 5 at tempo of 7:08 (6 miles in 44:22 overall - 1:20 below my 10k PR) between getting off work around 6:30pm and going back to work around 8:15pm. The run felt good, but I guess it should have since I haven't ran at all since Sunday morning.

But, as I wake up this morning, my knee is feeling a bit wonky. So, tonights run will be slow and steady. (You should click that link, good song)


I can't believe that I've went three days without posting about poop, the superbowl. I always tell my wife that she got off easy: I don't watch baseball, I'm not a huge basketball fan - but I LURVES me some football. As a result, Sunday was both a good day and a bad day: Simultaneously the peak and the end of the season.

That said, I have a 3 year long Super Bowl tradition: doing a naked victory lap around the house drinking black and tans. I rarely drink them (too much work when I am used to shot gunning 'em) but for some reason during the Super Bowl, just like when posting a comment on a blog, no amount of prep work is too much.

So, for my dad and myself, I turned this (note the bent spoon on the right):

Into this:

Great success!!!

Other thoughts on the day:
  • I wanted the Colts to win, they didn't. Bummer.
  • I really like Payton Manning, but he looked all depressed and lonely during the last 10 minutes of the game. Buck up buddy, you are rich like Tiger Woods but if you want to go to town with a Denny's hostess you can!
  • People that I have spoken with made it seem like Payton's INT towards the end of the game was a killer. It sure wasn't good, but I agree with Razz - what the crap was Jim Caldwell doing? He looked bored.
  • Like everyone else has said, the commercials weren't all that good/funny - unless you like cheesy Bud Light or Doritos commercials. I normally do, but these weren't all that good. Come on guys, bring back Spuds McKenzie and Chester Cheeto.
  • I did like one commercial though (thanks to my buddy Nick for reminding me). The Dodge Charger commercial. Most certainly a man's man spot. Made me want to bump chests with someone and do my naked victory lap even though the Colts lost. Great success indeed.


The Sean said...

Seems the Colts are the same boring, uninspired, super-talented team they have always been. The Saints brought the passion and a boat load of talent.

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Ummm Adam, it is dark when you do this victory lap around your house...right? You are so crazy:) I didn't get a chance to see that commercial, but it was very funny!! I busted out laughing when he said, "I will watch your vampire shows with you." I made my hubby go to Twilght with me and it was so painful for him...he told me that I owed him big time:)))) I hope you have a great day Adam!!

RunnuRMark said...

You need to quit wonkin' that knee man. I know the wonky knee club is cool to be in since I'm in it, but I'm here to tell you that it's not cool. And don't do drugs!

Jamoosh said...

That first picture is sweetness except for the Bud Light Bottle Wrench!

Jamoosh said...

The second picture made me weep. That is success my friend.

Rio said...

Oh Spuds -Totally forgot about him!
Watch that knee!

Ace said...

Dooooood. Black 'n Tans and Spuds McKenzie in the same post? That takes some blogging ability!

Jill said...

Dang, I was hoping to see a pic of Manning Running - or doing back bends....