Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Bucket List

Like I said yesterday in my completely random bullet post, I was tagged by Ulyana to list off three things that I want to do before I kick the bucket. I did this on 12/1/08 (eek – going on 2.5 years of blogging) here, but it is probably time to reevaluate my answers and see if I have shifted my life in any significant way.

Here is what I was thinking deep in the heart of a Kansas winter:
  • Pass on my last name. That is, have a son
  • Get a stamp, ANY stamp, on my passport
  • Run a marathon in all 50 states – thereby visiting all 50 states
  • Anonymously help someone who is truly in need
First off I can scratch the passport thing. I am in a different place in my life right now and am not too worried about making sure I get out of the country. Besides, if I ever leave the country it is going to be through a tunnel drug-mule style.

Having a son. This one is important to me, but not as important as having children period. So, that one needs to stay if not slightly modified.

As long as I have legs under me, I will become a 50 stater and I will not do a Massachusetts marathon until I qualify for Boston or am on the 50th state.

Anonymously helping someone who is truly in need would be awesome. ‘nuff said.

Well shit, I just realized that I have my three then? Kids, 50 states, and helping someone in need. Uylana was very explicit on the fact that it should only be three. But, if I were to somehow find a loophole, I’d add the following:
  • Blow out 90 candles on my birthday cake followed by telling a crude joke that only a 90 year old could get away with
  • Complete an IronMan, even though I have never swam for distance in my life
  • When completed, get some sort of 50 stater marathon tattoo on my ass (I have no desire to get ANY other tattoo)
  • Have a glass of First Growth Bordeaux wine, aged 20 years (only 5 more years for the ’96!)
  • …and for the sappy ones in the crowdWatch the sunset in a hot air balloon, drinking a great wine, laughing at my wife huddled in the corner of the basket because she is terrified of heights

As with all Internet Memes, I have to tag some people. Try to whittle your list down to 3, it is HARD. Admittedly, this felt a little like a popularity contest. (Stupid high school clicks) IT IS NOT. I basically went down my list of unread blogs and pulled out a few names. I’m sure I left people off, etc. If I did and you are feeling left out, feel free to just do it anyway and call me out as a putz. I tag:
The Sean


Julie said...

Hi Adam,
I love your is kind of sweet. Not only are you funny and enertaining but you have a softer side:) Trust me...if you live to be 90 years old you will be getting away with all sorts of stuff, jokes included:) Thanks for sharing all of that great information..I was able to get to know more about you! Woo hoo Adam, look at all of your new followers! You and Jamoosh are kicking butt with all of the new readers:) Congrats!

Rio said...

Nice list + add-ons! You'll just have to huddle with your wife in the corner of the hot air balloon!

Pat said...

if you want to help me annonymously, my bank account number is 1439393.

For some reason, you can only deposit sums larger than $1,000.

Now that you live in AZ, Mexico is only a few hours away. If you haven't been to Nogales, you haven't lived.

Morgan said...

I love the hot air balloon with the scared wife! LOL! You are hilarious!

Jamoosh said...

Do the hot air balloon at sunrise instead (with champagne breakfast to follow). That way it is heating up instead of cooling down!

GeorgiaSnail said...

You should start digging your tunnel now...just in case...I am with you on only running Boston as your Mass. marathon...

RunnuRMark said...

fine list indeed. I'd also love to be a 50-stater...and an Ironman of course (which is probably the only tattoo I would ever consider getting...on my ass of course).

Ulyana said...

Haha, these were awesome!!! And, btw, you are okay - there is a loophole if your name is Adam.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

Why when reading this did I wince at the pain of the possible tattoo? Like that could really compare to what you put your body through in 50 marathons.

Anyway these are all impressive goals. Hope you're still blogging @ 90. Haha!

Kham said...

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