Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Try it Tuesday: POM

Try it Tuesday is going to be a semi-regular series (as in…every Tuesday) where I try new things and see how they affect my training. These will usually be things that I’ve bought, but sometimes they will be things that I’ve stolen things that have been given to me. Tips or suggestions? Shoot me a comment!


Just before Christmas, I received an email from Andrea on behalf of the POM Pomegranate Juice Company. She wanted to send me a sample of POM to try. No strings or ask to write a review. Score. Here it is in my fridge MTV cribs style. *cue the slow-mo walk down the hallway to see the ‘whips’* "Now, let's go see where 'the magic happens"

Since my Midwestern farm boy roots make me feel guilty about taking something for free, I thought that I would make POM my first official review. POM is a 100% pure pomegranate juice drink that comes in the fun double bubble bottle. (Just like Murphy Lee, if you like your drinks like a capital letter B, then POM just may be for you.)

Since pomegranate is a great antioxidant and is pretty sugary, I decided to use it primarily as an after run recovery drink. I drank it straight up in place of Gatorade. I wanted to do a post Superbowl win cold POM splash on my wife, but she wasn't having it. (I settled for a fist bump) Overall, it was really refreshing and seemed to hit the spot. It may have been in my head, but I didn't seem to crave a ton of sugar like I sometimes do after finishing a run with the POM. Here are my thoughts overall.

  • It tastes good. It has quite a tart taste (like my personality) that I like.
  • It is calorie and carb dense. This may be a con for some people, but for me personally getting some healthy carbs quickly is a definite win. I mean, if I wanted to get just carbs, I’d down a hand full of Skittles. POM gives me some of the good stuff along with the sweet glorious sugar.

  • The stuff is STRONG. I can see why it is used as a mixer because even vodka would be a welcome addition to water this down a bit. After drinking the first two, I started to mix it 50/50 with OJ.
  • It is a bit expensive. The double bubble bottle is surprisingly large at 16 oz, but even then at ~$4 it is a bit steep.

Overall, it gets a thumbs up from me. Even though I received these for free, the ploy worked and I’ll probably have some in the fridge going forward. Psychology 101, fail….or would that be a win?


inspiREDtorun13 said...

Ooh exciting feature!
50Cent's fridge would have to be the best fridge of all time on Cribs. Loaded down with Formula 50 Vitamin Water. What a Mother-fing-P-I-M-P....

I think POM also comes in a glass? The lid pops off. In college we kept a couple of the glasses and used them again and again after the juice was gone. Not sure on the price. Probably about the same. $4

Jamoosh said...

Oh, oh, oh. Disappointment abounds. Couldn't you have hidden the Bud Light? Dude, tell me you use it for making chili or something.

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the great review! Glad to hear Pom is tart like your personality:)

Anyway, I hope that you have an awesome day!

ShutUpandRun said...

Your fridge looks strangely like mine with POM, beer, Mix One. I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they have in their fridge and on their bedside table. I agree with your review...the stuff is good, but strong.

Tricia said...

Bottled water? Really? Do I need to give you the reusable bottle arguement?

Ok, I'm teasing...but I am giving away a stainless steel Nathans bottle soon.

The POM review was great!

BrianFlash said...

Bud Light!?

I must be old because if you open my fridge you get OJ, Gatorade, veggies, some leftovers, and food to be prepared for tonight. Not a beer in sight :(

The Sean said...

BudLight= Beer Fail... if I can even put Beer in the same equation as BL... it just makes me feel dirty. Perhaps it was also a freebie??

Rio said...

Nice new feature...looking forward to future ones as well! I have to agree, POM was a lot stronger than I thought it was going to be. i have heard of people using them in mixed drinks and saying it works really well.

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