Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Silicon Valley

This week I have been staying and working in the HEART of Silicon Valley. I can’t throw a rock without hitting Yahoo’s or Intel’s main campus (McAfee software is around the corner, and it seems like half of the buildings have .com on the side of them). That said, I have to admit that it is a lot different than I thought that it would be. It is basically….. a huge office park. I mean, for miles and miles there are office building and not.much.else. Oh, there are trees, and some stuff that you’d expect for northern California, but behind the trees…office buildings. Not even a gas station or a McDonalds!

Now I’m just a country boy but I really did assume that Silicon Valley would somehow be different. I am not sure if I expected there to be bean bag chairs instead of park benches and Segways on every street corner waiting to wisk you away, but I think that I expected it to be more “fun”. I drove around a bit last night and it just seemed very boring. Turns out, nerdy .com guys don’t need to have bars or restaurants to hang out in. They need to get back home to program their UNIX servers to interface with their whole home security systems. Either that or become a level 15 warlord in World of Warcraft.

But, if all goes well, I’ll be here for the next 6 to 10 months, so I guess I’ll have some time to find all of the fun places. If nothing else I guess I could build myself a sweet UNIX machine to store in the hotel. I bet I would kick some serious World of Warcraft ass with that thing.


aron said...

yuck... please dont use that area to define your northern cali experience!!!! there is SO much to see i promise :)

The Sean said...
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Ace said...

You can get a lot of running done in World of Warcraft...

OhMyLaughter said...

Fun Find #1:

In-N-Out Burger
(408) 000-1111
5611 Santa Teresa Blvd
San Jose, CA 95123

Animal Style Fries.
Chocolate Shake.
Souvenir Hat.

Just Sayin' :)
Although that's more of an "I'm going to sample everything and finish the burger" b/c we don't get this on the east coast order.