Friday, January 29, 2010

Intervals, fotos, and dead iPods

  • I had a killer intervals session this morning. (Does that make me a surfer dude for calling something ‘killer’?) I haven’t done them in MONTHS (since my stress fracture) and getting out there really felt good.
  • Intervals are probably my favorite workout – I’m kind of a masochist like that. It is just too fun to see the fast times in my log. I did 4x800 @ 6:21 pace with 800 of recovery in-between around 9:00/pace. I’m going to work back up to a solid 8x800 by early April. That will put me in a good position to hit RnR SD hard and fast.
  • Much like Tiger Woods’ chance at husband of the year, my iPod shuffle is circling the toilet. For that matter, my headphones are too. A picture to describe what I mean:

  • It started to act funny when I poured a glass of water on my head during RnR AZ. FAIL. Because I am a complete tight wad, I’m going to keep using it until it doesn’t work at all. I do have an iTouch but since (even in the winter) I sweat more than Danny Devito in a sauna there is no way that I would take it on the run.
  • Consulting is funny. I eluded to it before, but my project funding was canceled about a week ago and today is my last day on my current project. I’ll end up with something starting up next week (no worries for me), but until then I have NO idea where I’ll be on Monday and what I’ll be doing. It is like Christmas morning, only far far suckier.
  • Good luck to RunningLaur who is running the Desert Classic half marathon on Saturday. It is her first race on her quest to join half-marathon maniacs! I know she’ll do great.
  • Finally, since this IS Friday, that means only one thing: beer at lunch! funny foto Friday! Hahaha "shhhhhh, daddy's working!!"


RunningLaur said...

Apple sells old refurbished shuffles on their site - I got one cheap a while ago with no problems at all. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the shout out - hooray for races!!

And along the lines of the facebook post, it's weird to see drunk pictures of my mom out at parties on facebook now. Just weird.

Morgan said...

My ipod is in a similar boat. If I want to add tunes or sync up to my itunes on the computer I have to jiggle it and hold til the computer recognizes it and then have my roommate sync it for me since I'm holding it. Damn ipod's.

That FB status is priceless! LMAO!

BrianFlash said...

My iPod is in complete working order, but I've kind of starting wondering how long it will last.

Before the half marathon the other day, my brother turned to me (I don't use it during races, but he does) and said, "I have no songs." The little Apple bastard dumped his entire song list and had nothing in the memory.

Jill said...

I just found your blog, very funny, thanks!!! Love the comment on FB from your daughter...mine just called me retarded on FB (she's 19 and all). Have a great weekend, I look forward to reading your blog!

Rio said...

I know of someone who dumped water on her head to cool down during a marathon and messed up her i-pod so she had to hear the same song loop over and over again.
I use a Belkin arm band made of neoprene (wet suit material) for my iTouch. Not as compact as a shuffle, but that's all I got. The band gets sweaty but my i-Pod has stayed dry in it for over a year.
Great job on the intervals!

Mike Russell said...

Go up to Amazon and pick up a new Shuffle tightwad. The 2G stuff is still great and works well as long as you don't mind running with a pink one.

Bob Hazen said...

Yeah I think it's time for a new one (iPod). Go the refurbished route through the Apple store though. You still get the warranty.

I'm getting close to you in needing to replace mine also (One too many drops....)

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
I love the facebook alert...very funny:) "Shhhhh daddy's working!"

Have a great weekend Adam:)

Razz said...

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks about the ipod. I have the same model and it's kind of hinky, too. It's a helluva lot better than the new ones. The controller for the Shuffle is now on the headphone cord. So I'd have to catch the cord, fumble around for the buttons and THEN skip to the next song? Oh, that's just begging me to get hit by a Buick.

X-Country2 said...

Get a new colorful shuffle, and please, for the love of god, get some new headphones. They don't even go over your head anymore! :o)

inspiREDtorun13 said...

So, I was glad to hear I wasn't the only person who is brutal with my iPod... and THEN i read the comments on this post :)

The eleven year old I babysit just got an iPod touch. I took one look at that thing and was like "Yeah, that's probably not a good idea for me." Way too nice to get sweat, blood, and tears... okay maybe just sweat... on it on a regular basis.

Sidenote--I'd love to see someone hit the treadmill with an iPad. I really would.

blaine said...

Awesome FB post. Good job on the intervals.

blaine said...

Awesome FB post. Good job on the intervals.

Tricia said...

Great job with the intervals. (I'm living vicariously through everyone else while I'm stuck on the couch...errrr...sidelines.) Which means of course that I'm really looking forward to any hill work you have planned. :)

Jenn said...

OMG-love the facebook status AND the comment. I always forget my daughter is also my friend! Great Blog!

Barefoot AngieB said...

Good to know about the referbished shuffles on Apples site. I am in the market for a cheap not going to break the bank if it gets busted music machine for running! i am finding that after about 15 miles I really need some music!

Jess said...

That FB post is hilarious! I'm so evil because I know my dad is on FB, but i haven't revealed to him that I'm there too. It just creeps me out to think of my parents having access to me there!

Ulyana said...

Dude, sorry about the project cancellation. That's a bummer. Hope you write soon and let us know where you are now!!!!

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