Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Foto Friday: Video Edition

Since I am eyeballs and assholes deep (is that even possible?) in work I'm going to make this one quick. If you are reading this at work why aren't you working make sure you turn on your speakers or put on some headphones.

I hope everyone is doing well, there are a TON of storms in Arizona - it isn't supposed to storm here!?

This guy was a councilman! Your government at work. Stupid vampires.


The Sean said...

I would say this guy was kidding, but he looked like "his puss would crack if he ever smiled"

to quote a classic film starring John Cusack. Anyone, anyone... didn't think so.

Rio said...

Anti-vampire landscaping?! What's next, werewolf-proof your lawn?
And he looks pretty serious. Wow.

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
I left you a comment on your previous post...oops. I am so used to clicking comment at the bottom of a blog.

Mike Russell said...

More rain on the way. Stay dry on your run this weekend.

Christy said...


How about this story from the newspaper I used to work for in Utah. This was my mayor. Government at work....
Not so much funny, just plain ridiculous. How do these people get into office?!