Sunday, January 24, 2010

12 Mile Bike Run

No, I am not getting ready for my sprint triathlon. This morning, my wife and I went out for what I call a "bike run". Where my wife bikes and I run. It is a blast to actually have someone else to talk to and share my astoundingly witty observations. My wife is SOOO lucky.

We got a late start, around 11am, because I was up late watching the movie District 9. (It was just "OK") The weather was great, it was FINALLY sunny, so I decided to take my camera along and take a few pictures of the storm damage from last week.

I wanted to run this one at my new long run pace of 8:20. I'm going to have to hit that if I am going to hit the marathon pace of 7:38 for my 3:20 marathon. At least that is what the pace leprechaun on my shoulder tells me - Run 40 seconds slower pace and to burn things. Silly leprechaun.

It didn't take long to see some of the flooding. This water has been standing for 3 or 4 days. Arizona is NOT supposed to have standing water.

The run progressed and around 3 miles we saw our first downed tree (of about 20 or so for the run). It was over the sidewalk! So, my wife got a chance to practice her sweet bike ramping skills and I got a chance to practice my steeple chasing skills.

The run progressed and the miles went by. I was able to hold the 8:20 pace for the most part, only getting slowed down a few times by stoplights. They really messed with my flow at first, but I was able to find a good groove around mile 5 or so. Fortunately, the city of Chandler, AZ was nice enough to put some speed signs up to let me know if I was on pace. I mean, I was running close to like 7.4 MPH, but whatever...I guess.

Towards the end of the run, I decided to crank out 5 or so miles of MP at 7:45 to 7:50. They weren't as easy as they should be, but I didn't die - so, mission accomplished. As I turned by my house, I saw even more standing water. Crazy

Ok, back to watching football! Colts better step it up, they are down 17 - 13!


Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Yes, your wife is sooo lucky because you are pretty amusing! I wish I had a leprechaun sitting on my shoulder telling me what to do:) I enjoyed your pictures it looks nice in your neck of the woods! Good job on your run!

Jamoosh said...

Sweet "Your Speed" pic!

Say, what's up with the bottom line of the comments always getting cut off?

Morgan said...

My roommate bike paces me sometimes and I love to have a sherpa to hold my water for me and to talk to when I'm feeling like crap. Props to the wife!!!

I can't believe all that water! So crazy!

Rio said...

I love those speed things...I wanna run by one!
I'ts crazy to see the downed trees. Can't believe the water is still standing there-good thing it's too cold for mosquitoes. I think.

The Sean said...

Nice job finishing up strong with the MP pace. It will come in to play for you.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

I think I was so distracted by the pictures, I didn't fully process this was a 12 MILE RUN. I guess NBD for you. Especially with your next marathon coming up.

Still impressive. And yay I want the Colts too!