Friday, December 25, 2009

Tile Backsplash, Frozen Nose hairs

Hey all! I am still here. By “here” I mean flying from Arizona to Kansas City. Sidebar – I wonder how many of my blog posts are authored at least in part on airplanes…probably close to 25%. Luckily for you, my readers, I rarely put to text the crying babies, huge people crowding the arm rest, or smelly toilets that spew that blue watery stuff all over the place. Since everyone is plenty busy over the next few days (or is avoiding family time), I thought that I’d throw out a bullet point update:

  • I’m on my way to Northwest Iowa to see my side of the family and enjoy a white Christmas. One way that you know that you are in Phoenix: When we told our waitress last night that we would be going to the Midwest for the holidays, she asked if it would be my first white Christmas. Oh no, I’ve had many a Christmas where it has been so cold my nose hairs have frozen.
  • Speaking of freezing off various parts of my body, I’ve officially been assigned my next work project – in Chicago. I’ve got a full post about that on the agenda soon.
  • In the past, my wife has made fun of men wearing running tights. I’m sure the comments centered around “The Bro” or a “Man Purse”. However, upon hearing that I was going to be in the bitter cold of Chicago Monday through Thursday, even she commented. “You know, maybe you should look into those running tights.” She is either coming around or is looking to set me up for some quality mocking.
  • My running has been coming along. I took a few days off after my 5K as I was feeling a bit sore in my legs. Even the area around my stress fracture was a bit sore. A sure sign to take a breather. However, I did get in a solid 6 miler on Tuesday and a 3 miler on Wednesday. Next up: 6 miles on Thursday and 16 miles on Saturday.
  • Finally, the reason I’ve been MIA over the last five days is because my wife and I have been putting up a tile backsplash in our kitchen. Check out the before and after pictures. I’m pretty damn proud of the results. I don’t think that I even said ONE swear word - even after I bonked my head on the cabinets again…and again..and again. I won’t mention how we cut the tile without a wet saw. It certainly wasn’t the OSHA approved method.

Yes, each of those 4” x 4” tiles were laid individually.


Jamoosh said...

Sweet tile job.

Yes, - get the tights. From one Bro to another, I will not mock you.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Hope you had a great Christmas! the backsplash and kitchen look awesome!

Pat said...

nice looking kitchen. Do you want to be on the Arizona team for 1000 miles in 2010? We are competeing against team Michigan. Check out my blog to learn more.

Rio said...

Nice job on the backsplash! You guys wanna do ours? (I kid...I kid)

RunnuRMark said...

Nice tile work. And I'm sure the alternative method you used to cut the tiles was your razor sharp wit. I would use my abrasive personality to grind through them.

And yes, your wife is totally setting you up for "look how small your pecker looks in those tights after that 16 mile run" jokes.

OhMyLaughter said...

Nice work!

Caro said...

Your backsplash looks great! Good job, guys!

sRod said...

Awesome work on the backsplash. A few more punches on the man card.

Anonymous said...

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