Thursday, December 31, 2009

Headed to Chicago - Psych!

Wasn't it little Michelle Tanner who followed every comment with "PSYCH"? Actually, the more that I think about it, Michelle may have been a fan of the term "NOT". As in: "I'm going to be in Chicago for the next 6 months......NOT!"

Just when I thought that I had everything planned out, the come-and-go nature of consulting throws me a curve ball. You see, two weeks ago I was set and ready to go to Chicago for approximately six months. I was even stocking up on winter gear to protect the boys during what would certainly be some very cold runs.

But, when I received a call from my boss on Monday, he said that there was an urgent need at a client in San Francisco (Silicon Valley really). The need was so urgent, if the client wanted to bring me on, they would have first priority. Well, you can see where this is going... Last night I booked a crap-ton of flights to San Francisco.

San Fran is certainly a much closer flight for me, but the project is, on the surface, a little less desirable and I have two good friends in Chicago that I could have hung out with. So, I guess I will have to balance the closer commute and nicer weather with the better project and nearby friends. On the bright side, I'm a bit of a wineo, so eventually I will fly my wife up and we'll have to check out Napa/Sonoma.

I honestly can't remember if any of my followers are from the Bay area. If you are and want to get together for a short mid week run - let me know!!

While I try to as much as possible, the last minute changes are still a little hard to get used to. In fact, to add insult to injury, I even got a nasty-gram from our company's travel agency about booking a flight only 3 days out. As if I could have prevented that!

You know, it may have been Kimmy Gibbler who would say Psych...or was it Urkel? Time to watch some TBS in the morning to find out for sure!


RunnuRMark said...

Actually, I believe it was "Psych!"...not really sure what the hell PHYSC means :) Damn, I'm doing some brutal picking on your blog today, no?

And if you'd like to fly me out to San Fran for a couple runs, I'd be happy to oblige. That is some pretty damn nice running weather for sure!

Rio said...

One my high school track teammates used to say "psych" an awful lot. Lost touch with her, but everytime I hear or read that, I think of her.

Must be hard to plan things with last minute changes with work. But I've heard that running in the bay area is pretty good. I'm thinking of doing the SF Half next year.

Jamoosh said...

San Francisco = Better running - especially this time of year.

jeffg said...

I believe wine-o should be hyphenated. Do that, and you're in the club.

Pat said...

Of course the best one word line on tv is from J.J. on "Good Times"


The Sean said...

Looks like you are headed for superior hill training!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Loved SF while I was there in Oct -- much better weather than Chicago this time of year too! Safe travels, and Happy New Year!! Here's to hoping neither of us deal with stress fractures EVER AGAIN!

Caro said...

Whaaaa? Bosco fell through? San Fran will be really nice though - and it will be a shorter flight too! May be next time!

Caro said...
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