Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yes! I am still running...and biking

With all of the hilarious posts and race watching that I've been doing, I feel like I've got a bit off message. Think of me as your own personal Joe Biden - gaffes not included. “Do you know the website number?” Rest assured, I've still been running and biking my little bum legs off.

Saturday's long run: 7 miles, 8:32 pace
Sigh. Damn you Garmin with your computer crashing software.

Monday's bike ride: 25 miles, 16.2 mph

My run on Saturday went well. Taking a page from The Sean, I focused very hard on a relaxed effort. I know that during my recovery, this is going to become increasingly important if I am ever going to have any chance of staying healthy. Overall I think that I achieved it. I was within 7 seconds of 8:32 pace for every single mile and never felt like I was 'pushing'. Unfortunately, against The Sean's advice, I still couldn't ditch the Garmin. It is sort of like my red headed step child. I love it, I often yell at it, and I am constantly watching it like a hawk - all at the same time.

While I was running, I was thinking about being a little bit worried that I am getting used to perfect running weather. When I run it is usually 55 degrees with no wind. Oh, did I mention that there are NO hills in Phoenix? Just like my dad (a farmer) says, "if people aren't bitching about there being too much rain, they're bitching about how it is too dry". Touche dad. I supposed I should zip it and try to work in some hill work while in the mountains. :)

Unfortunately, I will admit that I am floundering a bit with my running. My current 'plan' is very very loose. Right now I am running every other day with two days of rest after a longish run. So, it goes something like this:

Tuesday: Hardish 3 miler
Thursday: Easy 3 miler
Saturday: Long slow run

I usually try to grab 2 bike rides during the week as well. So, I guess I'm doing my own little FIRST training plan. I'm going to continue to up my long runs while adding a tempo day in to hopefully get me to the starting line of the marathon. How will I get to the finish line? I'm betting on a combination of horse steroids and EPO.


Pat said...

Ahwatukee had some modest elevation gains. But, when I really want a hill workout I head over to the public garage and run up the ramps. Ok, I've only done it once. But, it was kinda cool.

Enjoy the perfect running weather. Soon it will be 105 again.

Jamoosh said...

Enjoy the PHX weather now and be sure and tell me how you are still lovin' it in August...

The Sean said...

In time... your soul will replace the Garmin.

BrianFlash said...

I need a winter home in Phoenix and a summer home in Maine...

Michelle said...

Dude I love the new blog look!!! Awesome!!!!

Enjoy your running MR!! Sounds nice! For now!

OhMyLaughter said...

Wow, very nice blog revamp!!! Happy training :)

RunnuRMark said...

well crap, if having a very loose plan means you're floundering, I guess I've been screwed for a long time!
Like the new look by the way. And I wonder if Sharper Image makes a bike-mill like that. Hmmmm. Christmas list update?