Sunday, November 29, 2009

Race Report: Mesa Mi Amigo Turkey Trot 10k

I've taken a break from the computer (in general) so this is getting out a little later than I had wanted. I'm sure your anticipation is very similar to watching a horror movie. You know that the guy with the chain saw is just around the corner waiting to cut the little cheerleader in half, but can't yell at the screen loud enough to make it happen faster. Sorry to make you yell at your computer like that.

It is now two years in a row (and therefore tradition) on Thanksgiving morning to run the local 10K with my wife and her family. Mesa's Mi Amigo Turkey Trot is the largest 10k in Arizona with over 2500 finishers. Last year, I actually 'raced' this one and got my one and only 10k PR - 45:45. This year, I took the opportunity to run alongside my wife and help pace her towards a strong finish.

The morning started out a little later than I would have liked - especially since I forgot the camera - but after we went back to get it, we made it on time. Can't run a race without proof!?

Speaking of proof, here is everyone lined up getting ready to run.

My cousin in law's husband (which basically makes him like a brother, right?) is really into music. Therefore, all of his grubby shirts are old concert t-shirts from high school / college. See the example below. His wife really made fun of his Iron Maiden T-Shirt. Hey, if you can't rock out at a 10K, where CAN you rock out?

Unfortunately, while the race has gotten bigger and bigger, the port a pots available have remained the same. I think that there were around 12 of them. TWELVE. That meant that even though the rest of our family left to go wait in line 20 minutes before the race start, they actually missed the official start of the race. Annoying. I saw the line and decided just to hold it and go afterwards. I'll admit that I thought long and hard about watering a cactus or two during the 10k, but thought better of it since there were a ton of little kids around.

My wife waiting for the gun.....errr, the guy yelling "GO".

Here is my wife and her cousin (white shirt to the left) running around mile 1. I was told by my wife that if I took any more pictures of her on the run, the rest would all be flipping me off. No more pictures were taken. :)

My wife and I successfully used the Galloway method and finished in 1:24:01. She did really well - a 9:30 min PR for her!! Since I signed up in person (and I have horrible hand writing), in the official results, instead of my last name starting with Rick..... it starts with Rish..... and my wife starts with Roch..... *sigh*

The best part about our 10k tradition is beer. Isn't that a requirement for traditions? They have to include beer? Well, my wife's cousins have a kegerator in their living room, so we HAD to have a cup of beer before heading out (at 11am). Nothing tasted so good. You know what they say*, "you can't drink all day unless you start in the morning!"

Overall, I love this race and will make every attempt to run it with my wife every year. Next year, I just know to go pee BEFORE I get there.

*by "they", I mean "my brother in law"


Pat said...

Nice new blog face. Except for it saying, "I am B".

Sorry I didnt't run that race. We hiked up Pass Mtn and saw a hiker with a bib from your race. Of course, he passed me.

Spike said...

excellent race report, glad you have such an awesome family tradition.

and congrats to your wife on her new PR!

Molly said...

sounds like a fun race....and 11:00 doesn't seem too early for a beer, it was cocktail hour somewhere in the world!

Michelle said...

Very awesome 10k with your wife. I think its awesome that you ran it with her and helped her PR!!! Your a pretty good guy!!! :O)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Love the new blog look! Awesome tradition, and great job to you and wifey!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Fun new layout; out with the old, in with the new!!! I think I was in your old neck of the woods this week; I ran on Kennesaw Mountain...

aron said...

sooo fun :) great job being a great hubby pacer!

Erin said...

I was there also. Our family tradition involves the Turkey Trot, then Champagne and Krispy Kremes. We really like to class it up at 11am!

sRod said...

"You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning" I heart that.

Congrats to you and Wife!