Monday, November 30, 2009

Blog Layout....and running

As some of you may have noticed, I'm dorking around with my blog layout a bit. Bear with me while I flex my creative muscles (I think those muscles are right next to my shotgunning beer muscles). I decided that my blog needed a bit of an update from the masculine white on black to the more friendly green and yellow that it is now. Think of it as the softer side of Adam. He likes hugs, walks on the beach, and fuzzy puppies.

If you normally check this blog out via a RSS reader, swing on over to I am sure that it has changed since you last visited.

I'll be posting a few "about me" and "favorite post" updates in the near future to put in the links in my header, so you can ignore those posts in your reader for now. They will be the ones posted in 1985 - when the Fraggles ruled the TV and pinch rolled jeans were all the rage.

Speaking of headers, and surprisingly not about the skateboarding, crash head to cement variety, I put together a few of them and I figured I might as well show here since I put in a lot of hotel hours getting them just right. Here are the ones I put together in order of my preference. Let me know if you would order them a different way.

The one I went with

I would have probably kept the white on black theme if I went with this one (a close second)

I like how the color turned out in this one (modified from an existing picture). Sort of a "fork in the road, and I took the road less traveled" deal

Just a neat farm type picture. My wife said it looked too folksy


On Sunday, I went for a 9 mile run. I was honestly a bit sore from a combination of Thanksgiving day "touch" football (where touch means shove into the bushes), climbing South Mountain, and climbing up and down the attic stairs to get the Christmas decorations. I swear we get 2 or 3 more totes full of lights every year.

It is interesting how a different activity (like hiking) will make you sore. I am super sore in my hamstrings and my hip flexors (basically your crotch wrinkles where your leg meets your torso). Fortunately, neither acted up too much during the run after a mile or two.

9 miles, 8:20 pace

While my sore muscles didn't act up, that doesn't mean that this run was easy. My legs felt heavy and it seemed like it was taking a lot more effort than it should to keep a fairly slow pace. It took me a solid 6 or so miles to find a decent groove. By that time, I was already headed back to the house so the run seemed nearly over. I'm not sure if it was me knocking the turkey off my lungs or what, but I hope this was just a blip on the running radar.

T minus 7 weeks to Rock and Roll Arizona.


The Sean said...

See, already up to 9 miles...

I like the first two graphics

Spike said...

nine, solid! I like the fork in the road. but the top two are excellent as well.

Razz said...

nice banner.

Pat said...

I like the top two. The bottom one's don't look very Arizonaish.

Ulyana said...

Love the new layout!

Your running is going so great - yay! I need inspiration, and you gave it to me :)

Jamoosh said...

Hmmm, I am digging the new header, but it just doesn't say "boring" to me.

OhMyLaughter said...

I like the road. Maybe you could find a road picture that looks more Arizonaish?

Nine miles sounds like you are back and kicking. I probably would have spent more time feeling sorry for myself than you did. Biking obviously is a better solution than laziness. I'd say a run where your legs feel like lead and it takes a while to warm up happens to everyone from time to time, returning from an injury or not.