Monday, October 26, 2009

I am the CHAMPION!

Two posts - one day? Consider it a little anniversary present. Only this time, after dinner no one is complaining about "having a headache" or "having a stomachache". Blogger "business time" is NOW.

On Friday, I made a bet with one RazZDoodle over at Running off at the Mind that the Iowa State Cyclones would dominate the Nebraska Corn Huskers. Sort of a Midwest showdown of sorts - where the only thing that Midwesterners can think of to strike fear in the hearts of all others is a portly gentleman with a large hat and a tornado. Hide your mobile homes!

Short story: I won, RazZDoodle lost. In true stand up form, he delivered. Check it out, laugh, pee your pants just a little bit. I did all three.