Saturday, September 12, 2009

Musings from the Road

As I sit here, glass of wine in hand contemplating last week's runs, I can't help but think that it had some certain highs and lows. Well, that and how I would be much cooler if I had a smoking jacket Hugh Hefner style.

This week's runs were especially hard because I was running in the morning and then working hard on the yard (yay rhyming!) during the day. Oh, did I mention that it was over 100 each day? Yeah, sucksville.

First, the highs. I had a good long run and I KILLED my interval run. Since no one likes to hear about long runs I'll speak to my interval run a bit. I did 8x800 at an average pace of 5:52 minute miles. (Somewhere around 2:56 per 800.) I was cruising throughout all of the intervals as I ran back and forth and back and forth in front of my house. The great thing about running around my place is that I get to wave at all sorts of my neighbors. AND - even if they didn't wave at me the first time, by the 4th or 5th interval, I was getting all sorts of waves.

Now for the ever present lows. The strange thing is that the lows are centered around my intervals as well! Putting on my circle mirror head dealie and pretending to be a doctor, I am nearly certain that I strained a hamstring during my speedy intervals. Bummer. I took Friday's Marathon Pace day off and will take my 20 miler on Saturday very easy. Other than that, I caught a really bad case of runners gut on my "sorta long" 10 mile run and therefore had to make a quick pit stop in a gas station. After that pit stop, everything was OK, but the run was still not the same.

The Twin Cities Marathon is three weeks away and starting Sunday, I'll be in full on taper mode. I still haven't decided how much of a taper I'm going to do - but I'll figure it out based on how my legs feel. Either way, I'm really excited to spend some time in the north!