Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Prize

My little brother is a motorcycle guy. Specifically a Harley guy. (For that matter my dad is too.) Over the 4th of July, my little brother went on a motorcycle ride along with ~50 other people in northwest Iowa. In doing so, he was drawn out of a hat to have a 1 in 150 chance of winning a $20,000 new bike given by a radio station. This past weekend, they had the final drawing to see who would win. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the bike, but he did get one of the other “smaller” prizes. What did he win?

Oh yes, he will be getting shit for this for QUITE some time. I was honestly pulling for him to win it all, but, I guess a bear is just as good - right?

Cranked out 9 miles last night @ 8:03 pace. I did not want to get out there and do them, but I got them done. Nothing like working for 11 hours to suck the motivation right out of you. I’m marching towards a 49 mile week – a new weekly mileage PR for me. Some people say “I’m doing great and my legs feel fine!”. Not me. My legs feel like I am marching towards a 49 mile week. Not that anything is really painful, everything is just sore. Tonight I’m headed to the gym, so I am going to take advantage of some of their new fangled stretching equipment and see if I can’t knock some of the cobwebs out of my joints.

Last night I’m nearly positive that I would have taken a break here or there during my run if it weren’t for the lightning that was approaching from the north. The further I ran, the closer all of the lightning seemed to get. So, no stopping for me. 9 miles, no breaks! In fact, I even ate some soft energy chews while on the run. I only wanted to eat about half the package, but while I was running and stuffing them in, they all hopped right into my mouth. My stomach was not feeling it after that run!