Thursday, July 2, 2009

Small Town Livin

I grew up in a small town. I am pretty sure that I've said before that the town that I went to elementary school in had a population of 600. People. Period. In fact, the population of hogs (errr, pigs to non-country people) by far out numbers the population of people in my county. On children's Iowa state maps, there is always a picture of a big pig in NW Iowa...

Don't get me wrong, I love living in a city. I have grown accustomed to such 'luxuries' as: paved 4 lane roads, stoplights, airports within 3 hours, and even chain restaurants. But there is something to be said about living where everyone is just a bit friendlier.

While I was running today (which wasn't a super great) I remembered a story that my dad told me while I was back for my high school reunion. It is a simple transaction that speaks volumes to the life in a small town. It is very similar to one that you could have at Home Depot, but I doubt that you ever would. Here is the story as told by my dad:

Adam: Did you get a new dishwasher?
Dad: Yeah. When the old one broke, I called up and told the people at Seilers to come put one in. They told me that was great and that I should come in to come pick one out. Well, I told them that I didn't have time for that. So, I just asked them:

Dad: I'm sure you have a dishwasher that you recommend, right?
Seiler: Well, yeah I guess we do.
Dad: And I'm sure it isn't the most expensive one in the store or anything crazy like that, right?
Seiler: Nope, it is a very good dishwasher for a very good price.
Dad: Great, so let's save your time of trying to sell me that one and save my time of driving all the way over there to just pick it out. I'll leave my front door unlocked tomorrow, come over and hook it up. Leave the bill on the counter and I'll make sure you get paid.
Seiler: Sure thing!

It is the little things like that story that make me love small towns.


Michelle said...

What a terrific story and all the more awesome because it's true!! NICE!!

Is your dad happy with the dishwasher he received?

Ted said...

I should move to a small town. I think that is kinda cool. How about being in a small town that everybody know my name.

Rural Runner E said...

Great story.
I am in reverse of you....I am from a big city and now live in a small town. I often complain about all we miss out on, however, there are the instances of which you speak that remind me that all is not bad living in small town USA.

Kelly said...

I see what you like about that, but it still creeps me out a little. I mean, does he live in 1954?

I grew up in a town of 150,000. Just a little different. And I like the fact that people don't know me. :)

OhMyLaughter said...

Yeah...the DC area isn't small town by any stretch of the imagination. But sometimes I feel the need to get out.

And generally speaking, the smaller the town, the nicer the people :)

Christine said...

haha dad would have that conversation with someone...gotta love it!