Thursday, July 23, 2009

Running Roller Coaster

Running has had it’s ups and downs this week. I had a solid recovery run of 3 miles on Monday at an average pace of 8:12. I did the run outside because I had to work late into the night and if I went to the gym, no restaurants would still be open by the time I got back. The great thing is that by the time I got out to run @ 10pm, it had cooled off nicely.

Tuesday’s sort of long run was a complete nightmare for the first 5 miles and not too bad for the last 3. Overall, my pace wasn’t too bad at 8:07 min/miles. My quad was really bothering me and I think that I am going to have to take some very deliberate time off or lower my pace for a bit
to let it heal. It honestly isn’t so much the quad as it is the crease between my leg and my torso. The frustrating thing is that I am not quite sure how to stretch that area out. Grrrrr

Wednesday’s run was non eventful (and therefore good!). I cranked out 4 miles on the treadmill with an overall pace of 8:16. *shrugs* Treadmill runs are sooo boring. It made it worse that my radio broke so I had to listen to everyone else’s grunts and groans in the gym. Although, the guy next to me about flipped over the treadmill which made me laugh out loud. His foot wondered over to the edge of the treadmill so instead of running on the belt he was running on the side. When he placed his leg down he went rocketing forward and then slammed into the display. Ha ha.

Today (Thursday’s) tempo run was mostly a big fail whale. 5 miles completed, 8 scheduled. I have not been able to hit any of my tempo runs. I was scheduled for 40 minutes at tempo pace which is somewhere between 7:20 and 7:30. With two miles of warm up, I was able to hit: 7:35, 7:40, 7:27. I then stopped because my quad was bothering me and I was just plain tired. I’m going to have to change something if I am going to continue to do these speed sessions on Thursday (travel day). First, if I am going to do them in Georgia, I’m going to HAVE to do them on a treadmill. The hills here are killer. Second, the 7 hours of downtime from my Wednesday evening run to my Thursday morning speed session is not enough. My legs ALWAYS feel tired during the speed runs and I think that this is one of the main reasons why I haven’t been able to hit any of them well.

So, in summary, I’m still chugging along and mostly getting the miles in. In fact, I'm on target for 46 miles again this week. However, they are not the ‘quality’ miles that I would like to have. Fail.


Ulyana said...

The story about the guy falling made me laugh out loud!

Yeah, you should come into the speed work well rested. Maybe shift the days around a bit. I would always take a day off before track. That way you kick some ass and don't get injured.

Hmmm, track.... soon I'll have to go back there. I'm working on the training plan now - taking my sweet time :)

Rural Runner E said...

I loved the picture of the kid on the roller coaster. I must say that I always run at 9-10pm when I am on the road for business.....cannot get dinner if I run after I have to eat...then rest until I can 9 or 10pm. I feel your pain.

Chic Runner said...

This is the funniest picture! I made myself a fail whale the other day. YUP it was hilarious. h aha

sRod said...

I get pains in that weird cease between the thigh and abdomen. No idea how to fix that one.