Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Interesting thoughts about hotels

Ever notice how you use a ton of towels in hotel rooms? When I am at home, I’ll use the same towel for an entire week. Not at a hotel! I use no less than 6 towels during a 24 hour period. All of which I toss in the corner after I am done.

When you are in a hotel, you do everything in bed. Eating dinner? Bed. Typing up some work emails? Bed. Reading a book? Bed. Building a fort? Bed.

I’ve noticed that the temperature needed to cool or refrigerate everything in a hotel is “bucket of ice” cold. Everything from beer to last night’s leftovers can be chilled to perfection using the standard issue bucket of ice. It is like I’m in 1900 and refrigeration hasn’t been invented.

It never fails, whenever I come home from going out to dinner, drinks, or the occasional bindge drinking "event" my room is at the opposite side of the elevator. This then causes me to jog the entire length of the hotel like a sugar filled 5 year old to make it to the bathroom on time.

The mini bar should be illegal. Drunk Adam + Mini Bar + $18 can of Pringles = dangerous. Thank god most of the hotels I stay at don’t have them anymore.

When you are in a hotel, you get…. creative. The chair in the corner is my hamper, the desk chair is my drying rack (for my sweaty clothes), and the hair dryer is my wet shoe dryer.

I’m not sure if everyone is downloading the latest Paris Hilton sex video via Napster, but the internet in hotels is always slow. Free high speed wireless internet? Try again. More like “free wireless internet that is only good to check – because you’re going to be watching TV”

Frequent stay hotel points are worth their weight in gold. I have coworkers who would pack their shit up each and every day, change to a hotel room across downtown every day, all in the effort to get additional hotel points. I can, even after my week long Virgin Islands vacation, I can stay ~30 days in the lowest level of hotels for free.


Nitmos said...

You've spent too much time thinking about hotels. And now I've spent too much time commenting on them. Here's another: why is it so hard for the maid to get that one stray hair off the side of the tub? Do they leave it there on purpose?

And where did you find the newest Hilton video?

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

All very true. Well said.

Caro said...

Oh how I miss hotels! Now I have to wash my own towels! It's a travesty!

Michelle said...

Wow I have not stayed in a hotel in a long time. But you are very creative Adam. Be careful with those mini bars though. BYOP!

(Bring your own pringles)

OhMyLaughter said...

LOL! Too funny. And very true hotel observations :)

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Interesting observations. I have started traveling with a clothes drying rack . I find I always end up wet some time during my travels. Swimsuit or that surprise thunderstorm.

I have even been known to hang the hotel towels on it.