Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Funny - Consultant's Love Life

I was recently sent this "Romance Analysis" by a consulting coworker who was sent it from another consulting coworker. (We’re everywhere!) Consultants can turn ANYTHING into a PowerPoint presentation. In fact, I think that I am due for another bulleted list blog post here sometime. Never the less, I can’t help but admit that I’ve seen some guys try to put analysis like this into action.

Here is the first portion of the analysis, with my speaking notes.

Good use of bullets, nothing can start without a solid agenda. Really, a win/win proposition for everyone.

Obviously, this slide depicts the well rounded nature of a potential relationship with the subject in question. Fortunately, the attributes that are lacking (e.g. Beer / Sports) are provided through other channels. Additionally, those attributes that are only obtained through the subject channel (e.g. sex) are sufficient in quantity for the time being. A real value add here with only positive upswing potential.

Skipping forward to the breakdown of each of the key drivers of relationship “Love”. As you can see, the subject in question likes movies, the dirty talk (verbal affection), and is a tall hottie – among other key attributes. The important thing to note with this analysis is the even distribution of each attribute across the three main categories: Companionship, Affection, and Compatibility.

I'll probably have a few other updates in the coming weeks.


Kelly said...

You guys are lame.

But it's ok... because I analyze everything I watch on tv and discuss in my head (or out loud) how I could have done it better.

OhMyLaughter said...

This girl should learn to like beer and sports. LOL.