Friday, July 17, 2009

Foto Friday - Contractor Lovin'

I’m doing things a bit differently for my second house. Lovin' me some CONTRACTORS! No scuffs on my hard hat this time! For our first house, I was a walking talking construction man. I scraped the ceilings, painted the walls, painted the cabinets, ultimately painted the trim, and finished off the basement. Had I not done that I would have likely ran out of man cards long ago and sprouted a healthy set of man boobs.

Why the change? Time! I simply have no time to do any of this stuff. So far we’ve had assistance with:
Getting the pool cleaned (I made sure the pool boy was VERY ugly)
Getting the sprinklers working
Replacing the cabinets
Putting in granite counter tops
Painting all of the walls and trim
Cleaning the carpets

It is all enough to give myself (Read: My bank account) a coronary. So, just like in real life, most of my ‘work’ has been to work the phones. I’ll admit, I did feel like I was eyeballs deep for a while, but I am finding my groove. I’m cracking the whip with the best of them. Now, on to shop for a new Indiana Jones approved leather hat and bull whip.

I’ve had a few great runs in the past few days. My 2nd ‘recovery’ run of the week was upped to 4 miles and upped from a recovery run to a run at a ‘comfortable pace’. 4 @ 8:11

This week’s speed workout was 5 x hills @ 400M. I did the intervals @ 6:25, 6:11, 6:13, 6:15, 6:17 pace (most of the 'actuals' were around 1:34 seconds long). I’m not sure why that first one was slower, but I did hit some pretty good times after that.

I’m looking to hit 45 miles this week – one short of my weekly PR…which I will beat in two weeks!


Kelly said...

Well, I like the trim/granite combo. And I think you should wear that hat ALWAYS!

Rural Runner E said...

Glad to hear that the house is coming along well. I hope our upcoming rennovations treat me as kindly.

Michelle said...

I like you in that hat. Very becoming.

Your running is going so great! I am proud of you MR!!!