Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7/4 Weekend Runs

7/4 – 7 miles, 7:51 pace
7/5 – 14 miles, 8:48 pace

“I really REALLY need to figure out this desert running thing”

Saturday’s run was pretty fun and generally uneventful. I started out from my in-laws house and went towards Sole Running, a running store that Pat recommended. I started out a bit late at 8:30 or so but the heat didn’t seem to bother me too bad. It was around 80 degrees with minimal humidity. I was able to keep my goal pace with minimal effort and my splits were really consistent - which is what I was trying to do with this run. I wanted to be around 7:55 minute miles which is MP+10. My times were: 7:55, 7:50, 7:51, 7:55, 7:50, 7:50, and 7:45. All within 5 seconds of each other with the exception of the last mile where I let myself speed up just a bit. Nice!

My run on Sunday was an entirely different story.

The day before, when I ran 7 miles, I carried two of my four 10 oz bottles (20oz total). While running that shorter distance, I drank about half of the water that I was carrying (drank ~10 oz). So, using my analytical brain, I figured that if I ran twice as far I would have just enough water and all would be right with the world (2 x 10oz = 20oz). I was wrong – very wrong. A few things were different about this run:
  • It was about 10 degrees hotter
  • As I found out, the rate of water consumption is not linear across distance (that is, the further I run, the more I drink per mile)
  • My legs were a bit heavy from the long run the day before
  • I overslept and had that “rushed” feeling while I was getting ready to head out

I left the house with only two of the bottles filled. Bad move. Essentially, I ran out of water around mile 10. This is especially not good because it was around 96 degrees and there was not a spot to fill up in sight. I looked and looked for a McDonalds or something that I could use to fill up my bottles but I couldn’t find one. So, to avoid passing out in a pile on the side of the road, I ran / walk the last 3 or so miles. Oyy. Not good.

Lesson learned… Take ALL bottles completely filled on every desert run. For that matter, have some money with me so that I could buy some water if I needed to.


Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, that 10 degrees is HUGE!! Lesson learned!!

Happy training!

Rural Runner E said...

Better to learn in training than in racing. Glad to hear all turned out okay. Take care of yourself.

aron said...

ekk I cant imagine having to run in the desert :( at least you learned a lesson right? its funny how after ALL the long runs we have done we still learn those little lessons :)

AWESOME job on that 7 miler!!

Ted said...

I do recall running out in the desert. I cannot remember the name of the hotel that I've stayed in Phoenix (not too far from Scottsdale). They have several showers on the running trail. It was kind of refreshing to have water over my head every quarter of a mile on the way.

Nitmos said...

I thought deserts were famous for their oasises. None found? What a gyp.

Running and living said...

I almost ran out of water on my 8 miler the other day, and I had the 4 8oz bottles with me! Glad you were OK! Ana-Maria

Michelle said...

Hydration is essential. Do you need me to be your running sherpa again???

sRod said...

Uck. This is one of the main reasons I'm hesitant to ever live back south again.