Friday, June 26, 2009

Thoughts on MJ

It is funny how I can be on a different continent (sort of? I guess on no continent at all..) and still hear about the death of Michael Jackson. I was in the health club getting ready for a massage when the receptionist told me she was surfing and said that she found it. Only in St Thomas.

By the time my massage was over, had picked up the story - which gave it some credibility both to myself as well as the receptionist. On a side note, never underestimate the knowledge and power of receptionists and executive assistants. They are where ALL of the real work gets done. The rest of us can do well to just stay out of their way and watch the magic happen.

While I was saddened to hear about MJ's death, I was not surprised. He was the king of pop, but I will not be surprised if we find out that, much like Elvis the original king, he is hopped up on all sorts of pain killers and anti-kid touching meds.

Nevertheless, I was a fan. I am pretty sure that Thriller was in my batch of 10 "free" CDs from the strong arm people at BMG that I received shortly after buying my very first CD. (My first CD was Snow, Informer.... Don't hate because you're jealous) In fact, during "swing show" my senior year, my buddies and I lip synced to Jackson 5's I want you back. I couldn't find a picture of just how cool we were during Jackson 5, but I did find this to the right. How were we not covered in bras and panties thrown on stage? Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope that people can remember MJ for selling millions and millions of records in a time where music had staying power and people were able to forgive just a bit of his idiosyncrasies. Lord knows that MJ had them, but that was OK, because he put out some pretty good tunes.


Rural Runner E said...

I choose to remember the performer. I loved Thriller, still have the original VINYL album.

Michelle said...

He was greatness.

Ok this will sound silly but my initials are MJ! Can you dig it?


Kelly said...

It's funny that you say "I hope people can remember him for his greatness, etc". Just yesterday I was complaining because that was ALL people were talking about... totally forgetting the whole child-molestation stuff. Stupid media.