Thursday, June 4, 2009

So many running updates, so little time

I officially signed up for the Vania's Run 5k this weekend in Tempe, AZ. It will only be my second 5K. The only problem is the email that I received today: “The 5k course was measured with a GPS at 3.44 miles. The one mile is approximately 1.08 miles. Here is the link to the course,”. WTF. I love long lovin’, long walks on the beach, and long… socks, but I don’t like longer than normal races. I don’t get it, so does that mean that it is 3.1 miles or is it 3.44? If it is 3.44, I’m going to be a bit disappointed because I will not be able to tell my EXACT time. I’ll probably still stop my Garmin at 3.1 to see how I did.

The Marathon training for the Twin Cities Marathon has officially started. Well, okay – it started on Monday. But, just like in high school, I’m a little slow. Not in a running way, more in an “I like to eat glue” kind of a way.

Either way, I’ve started my Hal Higdon Advanced I training. Like I said earlier, it adds tempo runs, interval runs, and HILL WORK. I’m a tempo and hill virgin, so my first time I can only assume is going to be elbowy and awkward.

Mon: 3 miles, 7:52 pace, 4pm in Phoenix…. 99 degrees. Yes, I am an idiot.
Tues: 5 miles, 8:09 pace
Weds: 3 miles, 8:44 pace (recovery run)
Thrs: 4.6 miles, 8:26 pace – HILL WORK OUT

I completed my first hill workout on Thursday. It was interesting. First, it was raining (actual radar to the right). Not like a little sprinkle, I’m talking soak my shorts pool peepee shrinkage raining. I did keep my shirt off which I would like to think scared as many kids as Michael Jackson at 6 flags. Higdon said to run 3xhill, so that is what I did. I meant to run 1/4 of a mile, but when I got back and downloaded from my Garmin, it turned out to be 0.20 miles. Fail.

0.20 miles:
1:10 min @ 5:55 pace
1:10 min @ 5:47 pace
1:11 min @ 5:54 pace

I walked / jogged down the hill so that I was completely recovered by the time I was finished. It looks like I walked / jogged down the hill around 11:00 pace. Is this what I am supposed to do?


Michelle said...

Sorry buddy, I have no idea what you are SUPPOSED to do regarding hill workouts.

But you are a hill virgin, so was it all elbowy and awkward. Even if it was, at least you got your first time over with. Now it can only get better and better!!


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! GOOD luck with your 5K. Oooops I mean with you 3.44444 race!

Nat said...

I am still debating if I should do Twin Cities and you are signed up and training already...gulp! I better get moving and decide some things here.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Like anything else, start out hill training with small workouts and go from there. Doing 3 or 4 repeats for about 2 minutes each with a recovery of at least that amount is a good place to start. Once that becomes easy, either do more intervals, longer intervals or steeper intervals.

Most of all, have fun with them.

aron said...

annoying about the 5k! why dont they just shorten it to make it a real 5k vs. 3.4444 - weird!

good luck with training! i am starting training monday... making an 18 week schedule a 17 week one so i didnt have to start the day after SD :) sounds like we will be racing the same day!

Ulyana said...

Yeah, you are doing everything great.... Run up the hill hard, take it easy going down.

Aaaawww, "I like to eat glue" kinda way... funny stuff.

sRod said...

I've found that most 5Ks aren't scientifically measured. It's just somebody with a Garmin measuring it out.