Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Running History Update - Including Puke?

Gosh, I've fallen behind on my running updates, so this post will likely be long and a bit attention deficit disor.....I love lady bugs!

First, I am still on a hunt for a good, easy to use, online upload utility. I seem to be a bit fickle about what I like and what I don't like so finding one has been a challenge. Of course, I've been so busy with actually running that I honestly haven't had a lot of time to look into many of them. One of the podcasts that I listen to looooves them some buckeyeoutdoors, so I might try that one out next. Until then, I've resorted to an Excel spreadsheet. I'm a dork.

Next, my running has been going well. I'm still able to keep up with most of the runs and hit most of the paces that I would like to (if not a bit faster - doh). Last week I only ran 23 miles when I was scheduled to do 30. That is 100% because I didn't get in the full 10 miles on Sunday when I did the 5K. In hindsight, I should have swapped my MP run (Saturday) and my long run (Sunday) so that I could have called the 5K my MP run. Oh well, come hell or high water I'm going to get in the 30 miles this week.

Speaking of hell, I had one of my worst runs in a while last night. I was scheduled to do my mid week sorta-long run of 5 miles. However, all of the people on the account team (30 people or so) all had tickets to the Braves/Pirates game. Much like all of those times I went to check out the guy in the black van who was giving away candy, how could I say no to that?! Let's look at the numbers:

Miles gutted out: 5
Garmin watches left at work: 1
Pre run carbo load beers: 4
Pre run ballpark french fries and chicken strips: 1
Time run started: 10:45
Time run finished: 11:27
Times I wanted to throw up during the run: 1,000,000
Times I actually threw up: 0
Times I had to talk to myself to keep running: 5
Number of idiots who actually ran the 5 miles after the above: 1
Overall pace of run: 7:35

When I got back to the hotel and had the desk guy holler out the minutes and seconds I found out why I was sucking wind so bad (other than because of the beer). I ran the F'ing run about 30 seconds a mile too fast! What is worse than calling yourself an idiot? Maybe a dolt? Let's go with that. I'm a dolt. On a side note the hotel front desk guy (who I am now pretty good buddies with) was really cool about timing me since I forgot my watch in the office. Good job Marriott.

Finally, here are some stats on the rest of my runs over the past week. I'll get better about regular running updates.

Thur 4-Jun: 4.6 miles 8:26 - Hill workout!
Sat 6-Jun: 5 miles 7:19 - Good solid MP run - although it was just a bit too fast
Sun 7-Jun: 3.1 miles 6:25 - 5K PR, consider yourself rocked
Mon 8-Jun: 3 miles 8:30 - Ohh, recovery run how I love you so
Tues 9-Jun: 5 miles 7:35 - Puke? Not quite


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

You're right, that is not exactly the optimal prerun warmup. But I'll bet it was still fun!

RazZDoodle said...

Actually, I'd look at the whole experience as a badge of honor. Cuz...ya know...I'm a silver lining kind of guy.

Buckeye Outdoors is OK. That's how I keep track of my miles/workouts.

Kelly said...

I also vouch for buckeyeoutdoors. I've been using it since I started my training last year, and it hasn't let me down yet. Downsides: the graph-portion can be fickle at times. Also, I've had it accidentally delete my calories before. But still totally worth it in my book.

Michelle said...

Ok so now I have to try this Buckeye Outdoors thingy!!!

Yeah, I am dork too!!

Great fast pacing bro!! Your rockin it out!!

Rural Runner E said...

I could never run after drinking beer. I always, even when on an out of town trip, have to do the run first. As for buckeyeoutdoors....great tool, I use it myself...used to use EXCEL.