Monday, June 22, 2009

Runnin' in St Thomas

6 miles: 10:05 pace

Hello from the sunny US Virgin Islands! I'm pretty sure that I didn't mention it before, but I am currently on a much needed week off on the island of St Thomas. I'll likely keep posting while I am here to keep you up to date (and to pass the time while my wife is resting) of my goings on.

Yesterday, I had 8 miles scheduled. Unfortunately, because of the flights I was not able to get my 6 mile marathon pace run in on Saturday. I tried to think as hard as I could to get the run in, but most of my thoughts had me running laps in the Atlanta Airport. I'll bet the TSA would love that.

However, yesterday, I did get in a longish run. I wasn't able to go quite as far as I would have liked (6 miles instead of 8) but it was still a killer run. My ass is still sore from the hills! The temperature here doesn't vary a whole lot - usually withing +/- 3 degrees of 82 - day or night. The humidity level is generally just south of 1,000,000%. Add that to the ridiculous hills in the area and I was pooped after just 6 miles. Figuratively, not literally. Whew! I ran the first three miles at ~8:20 pace and ran / walked the last 3 miles. I didn't want to kill myself off on the first day of a week long vacation.

To give you an idea of how hot it was, I took the above picture just after coming back from the run. I had drank a full 1.5L of water while out on the run and subsequently drank 2/3 of one after that. 2.5L of water - GAH!


Rural Runner E said...

Enjoy your week off.

Ulyana said...

mmmmmmmm, vacation.... lucky guy ;)

Ted said...

Enjoy your vacation!!! I know the humidity can really suck the energy right out of ya. You might want to try beer instead of water. ;-)

RazZDoodle said...

poor guy. I feel bad for ya. ONLY got a 6 miler in during vacation.

Michelle said...

Have an awesome vacation.

Do you need a vacation sherpa?

Nitmos said...

You were so tired you wet yourself...apparently.