Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm a Homeowner (again)

Houses toured: ~35
Offers submitted: 3
Number of times offer was above list price: 2
Number of relatives and friends that all of a sudden became real estate experts: Countless
Buying a home that the head of household hasn't seen: Priceless

Whatever happened to those Mastercard commercials anyway? I always got a kick out of them. I guess I'll just have to settle for the Southwest airlines "Wanna get away?" ones.

Yes, that is right - I bought a house! Yes, that is also right - I have yet to set foot in it. I figure that I trust my wife enough to know what I like and don't like. One of the downsides of traveling I suppose. Besides, if I don't like it I have the next 10 years to complain. "Yeah, you don't want to watch football huh? Well, I let you buy the house...soooo....." Kidding, kidding.

Here are a few pictures of the final product. It is a foreclosure, so the pool pictures are from the previous owner. Since this is a foreclosure, my realtor (a family friend) was really good about looking up the previous MLS listings of the two houses that we put offers on to find 'lived in' pictures of what it could look like. This probably sold me on this house.


Current Kitchen

Pool Before

Current "Pool"

There were a few things that were "interesting" about house hunting in Phoenix:
  • The market is hot again. All of the nice houses that we looked at or remotely liked had multiple offers within days of us looking at them - including the two houses that we ultimately put offers on.
  • While the market is hot, the houses are ~60% of their 2005-6 value and nearly 90% of the houses that we looked at were either short sales or foreclosures. Our house is no different.
  • I found that one of the most important things for me is being in a nice neighborhood. That said, the neighborhoods in Phoenix are really spotty. You could be in a McMansion neighborhood in one minute and half a mile later be in the ghetto.
  • Even though the neighborhoods are spotty, they are, for the most part, really nice. Houses don't seem to age nearly as bad here as they do in the Midwest.
I'm very excited - but at the same time I'm trying to hold back my excitement a little bit to avoid becoming "that guy". Everyone who talks to me a on a regular basis needs to hold me to that!


Rural Runner E said...


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

You might as well let your wife pick it out - you know you really don't have a say in it anyway...right?

Where in Phoenix? If you haven't yet noticed, this is kind of a big place. It looks really nice, especially the pool. They are a lot of work, but it comes in handy when it's hot and you want to be outside.

Have fun with it and congratulations!

Adam said...

It is in western Gilbert. Good location... I think? :)

Michelle said...

Very cool bro! Congrats!

I think its kinda ok to be a bit excited, I promise I won't tell anybody!!!


Kelly said...

You are a very trusting man.

Although, my boyfriend let me pick out our apartment that he'd never seen in a town he'd never been to in a state he'd never driven through haha.

Marcy said...

High fivers!!! You are definitely a well trained husband. Chad is correct. Even if you were able to be there, your opinion means nothing HAHAHAA

Super cute house. That pool looks sweet! ;D ;D