Wednesday, June 3, 2009

House Hunting, Running, and Working

Since the move I’ve been very busy.  Even though I made a good attempt last night at getting caught up on blogs, I still have a few that I need to read.  So, here is my life over the past few days – in attention deficit disorder approved bullets!

  • For the most part, we’re settled into my inlaws house.  My old boss said that when he moved in with his inlaws while building a house, he about killed his wife.  While I hope to not have to resort to first degree murder, hopefully we’ll find a house soon.  If all else fails, hopefully I’ll only get second degree murder – tops.
  • Our house hunt did start in earnest on Monday.  We looked at about a dozen houses but didn’t really find any that we’d put an offer on.  We DID see a lot of lime green pools that had not been taken care of.  Here is a picture of me taking a drink to see if it was a salt water pool or not.  Mmmm, minty.
  • I am starting to run VERY regularly again. I’m following Hal Higdon’s Advanced I schedule which has me running 6x per week – toping out around 57 or 60 miles per week.  Bring on the feed bag!!!!  I can already tell after 4 days of regular running that I’m becoming hungrier and hungrier for food to fuel my muscles……and for a new Hanson album.  Those little mop top boys just put out a quality product and I can’t get enough.
  • My first “official” flight from Phoenix to Atlanta went okay.  I was upgraded to first class which rocked my face off.  Nothing like a 4 hour flight to get some pampering.  Daddy like.  Although, on the free in flight TV, CNN was showing coverage of the Air France flight crash.  Not exactly something that I needed to see while flying at 39,000 feet. 
  • Finally, I did end up registering for a few additional races.  The 5K “Run For Vania” in Kiwanis Park Tempe, AZ (this weekend) as well as the Phoenix Rock and Roll Marathon (in January).  Since the 5K is this weekend and starts at 6:30am, my wife said that I am “on my own”.  I’ll try to run w/ a camera Steve in a Speedo style and am going to try to break 21:00 as a nice “benchmark” (and a 15 min PR!!).  Of course, I will have ran 5 miles at MP the day before, so even doing that will be a stretch. 


Pat said...

That's the lagoon look, you pay a premium for a green pool in AZ.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

LOL @ Pat. Probably true.

Nice to see you settling in here in Arizona. Those should both be good races to run.

Marcy said...

Dude come over to the East Coast. There were like only 3 houses out of a bazillion that the Mr and I wanted to see :-X It's easy when 99% of the homes are ugly on the outside HAHA! That's so wrong but I'm a biatch :P

Michelle said...

HAHA! Hanson! You crack me up dude!

YAY for consistent running and 5K this weekend. Go for it, run like the wind. Do you need my sherpa duties? Let me know, I will start working on a playlist!!!

sRod said...

At foirst glance I thought that pool was meant to be filled with your vomit from some unfortunate disease. I'm glad I turned out to be wrong.