Thursday, June 11, 2009

Call me the blog-burgler

A friend of a friend recently posted this on her blog. So, being the kind of guy that I am, that is lazy… worthless… efficient, I decided that I too would post it because it cracks me UP! “Is this even real life?” ha.

Now, don’t get me wrong – this thing is like a month old. But, I’d like to think that I’m still a bit ahead of the curve. I was talking to a friend of mine about how I am getting old and can’t keep up with the “kids” and their crazy fads. I told her that as long as I am at least within 5 years of fads, I still consider that “in”.

[15:37] Tera: THE NEW EMINEM CD!!!
[15:38] adamrisu: is that the one w/ the barfing song on it?
[15:39] Tera: that's like a way old song
[15:39] Tera: from like his 2nd cd maybe
[15:39] adamrisu: are you serious?
[15:40] adamrisu: I don't care what you say Tera, I'm hip

[15:43] Tera: oh nope, i just looked it up - puke was from encore (his last cd, released in 2004)
[15:44] adamrisu: whew. See, i'm still cool.
[15:44] Tera: yeah, only 5 yrs behind ;-)
[15:44] adamrisu: Tera, I'll take 5 years behind ANY Day of the week
[15:44] Tera: do you still use winamp?
[15:45] adamrisu: No, I finally upgraded to iTunes once I got my iPod.
[15:45] adamrisu: How old is itunes?
[15:45] adamrisu: 5 years?
[15:45] adamrisu: I've probably been using it for just over a year

[15:45] Tera: 5 yrs ago probably would have only been early adopters
[15:45] Tera: but probably mainstream for like 3 yrs
[15:46] adamrisu: Hells yeah! Ahead of the 5 year curve!


Michelle said...

It is crucial to always be ahead of the 5 year curve!!

Your doing it buddy!! COOL!!!

That video is hilarious!! Poor little guy!!

Jonathan said...

Hey now, don't you dare knock Winamp. I still use it exclusively and only use iTunes for iPhone synchronization! Viva la resistance!