Monday, June 15, 2009

6/14 Weekend Runs

I haven’t had a straight up running update in a while so I thought that I’d post one to let you know how my first two weeks of training have been.

6/13: 5 miles, 7:31 pace (MP run)

My marathon pace run was in Iowa which was surprisingly cool. In fact, it was very unseasonably cool. I mentioned yesterday that there was a marathon near my hometown on Saturday. To be honest, the people at the Marathon to Marathon had about as good of weather as expected for June in the Midwest! Running there in June is like playing weather Russian roulette – only 4/5 of the chambers have bullets.
Since the run was so cool, while running I constantly had to watch my pace. I think that I was really revved up and ready to go after having two crappy runs in a row. The good news is that I didn’t feel like I was going to barf, die, or not be able to go any further… all things that I felt on my run on Thursday. Overall I basically kept the pace I wanted to (if not a bit faster).

6/14 11 miles, 8:13 pace (Long Slow Run)

My wife and I had some pretty early flights back to PHX and ATL respectively, so I wasn’t able to run in the morning. I really don’t like running my long runs in the evenings because I am anxious about the long runs all day long. Yes, after running for a solid 3 years, I still get a touch anxious about long runs. Fail. So, once I landed in ATL, drove to the hotel and got changed it was 10:00pm. Suck. To top it off, I had spent part of the plane ride putting some podcasts on my iPod to listen to while running. However, when I went to turn my iPod on, it wouldn’t start (probably due to a sync error). Suck suck. So, I went out and proceeded to crank out my 11 miles.
The run went well. I believe that it was the first 10+ mile run since my last marathon. As a result, I’m a bit sore today – but it is a good sore. The kind that will likely go away after my 3 miler tonight. The only downside is that it was dark – really dark. I scared myself with a few odd looking stumps a few times and a couple of bikers REALLY scared me twice.

33 miles for the week. I’m not sure of my overall pace because I still haven’t had time to look into Buckeye Outdoors.


aron said...

yay great job on the runs this week!!