Sunday, June 14, 2009

10 years - Iowa High School Style

The older I get, the faster time seems to slip through my fingers. I can only assume that as I get older and older this will only get worse. Although, that isn't to say that it is all a bad thing. After all, I can buy beer now! Yay!

The reason for my lack of blog posts this weekend is because I have been in my northwest Iowa hometown for my 10 year class reunion. I graduated with a whopping 65 people in my class, but despite the small numbers (or maybe because of them?) we have had nearly 50% return for each reunion that we have had thus far.

Here are the 'class' photos at 5 and 10 years out. Of course, highlighted with a red arrow of yours truly.

5 Years:

10 Years:

We are a really fun group. I was able to reconnect with a few people that I had lost track of and reminisce about all of the old High School stories that everyone has and everyone loves. Of course, even after 10 years it was still a bit "clicky" but for the most part, we all just had a really good time. I was, like at my 5 year, amazed at how many people had kids and how many people hadn't changed a lick.

Finally, there was a marathon (The Marathon to Marathon) on Saturday that was mostly through the corn fields of Iowa that finished in Marathon, IA. After the reunion at the bar, I met a relative of my wife that ran it this year. So, not only did she finish a marathon in June in blazing hot Iowa, she was at the bar that night! Talk about setting the bar HIGH for my next race!


SuperDave said...

I like the 10 year pic. You are nuzzled up in-between the big girls. More lovin that you probably wanted.


Rural Runner E said...

Iowa, sisters graduated from high school there...just outside Des Moines (not your neck of the world), Waukee, IA. Never been to one myself....military brat, tough to go back to Germany for reunion. Hope you had a blast.

Michelle said...

You haven't aged a bit old man!!!


Ulyana said...

HAHA, I remember how after my first marathon, I was wiped out. As I ran more of them, the later I'd stay the day of the marathon, drinking beer because it "helps" recovery, haha, or because I "deserve" it.

It's on. Next up: Boston Qualifier with bar hopping at night.

Pat said...

You all should have tried to recreate the 5 year picture. stand in the same place and next to the same people.

I have never been to a school reunion.

Marcy said...

Man we had ours last summer (10 year) and I was like "funk that!" I already know what's going on with peeps thanks to FB and mySpace HAHA!

sRod said...

That's the tiniest class ever! I was one of 600!

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