Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shame on you IMAX

Since I've slowed down on the running, I've been going to a lot of movies lately.  By a lot I mean like 2 in the last month.  But, I am PLANNING on going to a lot more movies during the next month or so.  The summer movie season is in full swing and I can't get enough of things exploding, guys swearing, or robots turning on their masters and killing everyone in their path.  Summer movie season is guy movie season.  *grunt grunt*  Makes me want to scratch my crotch just thinking about it.

Aziz Ansari is also going to movies.  In fact, he spent an extra $5 to go to what he thought was an IMAX theatre to watch the new Star Trek.  The catch?  Instead, he ended up at some crappy ass IMAX that was only 1/3 the size of a 'regular' IMAX.  Check it out in pictures:

You may know Aziz from Parks and Recreation.  Haha, who am I kidding, no one watches that show.  (It is actually pretty funny, but I think that the ratings aren't very good.)  He is also on Scrubs where he plays a REALLY funny character with crazy dry humor.  Anyway, he posted on his blog a F-bomb laced post that slammed IMAX, Regal Theatres, and AMC Theatres for charging more for the movie without the size to go with it.  I agree with him!  While I've never been to an IMAX theatre, I do associate IMAX with those massive 3 story screens not some 'digital projection enhancement'.  This is another one of those examples like the shrinking Cadbury Creme Egg. (This one is worth the time to watch)

Of course, IMAX is playing damage control, trying to say that the enhanced experience is what people are paying for.  $15 for an enhanced experience!?  Wow, I'll just buy the DVD for $20 and enhance the shit out of it while sitting on my couch in my underwear.


Michelle said...

You fucking crack me up Adam!!!

You know I saw a movie in IMAX and for the life of me what the heck is the difference?? If its just a bigger screen than screw that. I thought there would be all these like 3D things happening!!!

But what do I know???

Jess said...

I don't even like paying the $7.50 for a matinee, so you know I won't fork over $15 for a movie, IMAX or no IMAX.

Home Away said...

nbc took the video down :(

sRod said...

Just curious: how exactly do you enhance the shit out of something while sitting on the couch? I mean it almost sounds like a dirty joke, but I can't quite make it work. That's what she said! There it is!