Friday, May 15, 2009

Red Eyes be Draggin'

As I look forward in my personal calendar, I realize that I only have two weeks before my move to Phoenix.  This however does not change the fact that I must travel to Atlanta each and every week for work.  The problem?  Flights to Atlanta from Phoenix are nearly 4 hours long and I loose 3 hours in the process.  That means that if I were to leave Phoenix at 6:00am, I don’t land in Atlanta until 1:00pm.  Yeah, that IS a problem.  Don’t get me wrong, I love starting the day after it is nearly half over as much as the next guy, but I doubt anyone else involved would appreciate that.

One of the solutions is taking the red eye flight that leaves at 11:00pm and arrives at 6:00am the next day.  I’ve only taken one red eye flight before from Hawaii to LAX and it was a nightmare.  I didn’t sleep and the plane was hot one minute and then freezing cold the next.

So, I’ve started a short list of pros and cons to try to help me come to a decision:

I get to work on time on Monday
I don’t get hassled for leaving work at a decent time on Thursday when I fly home

I don’t sleep on flights. Period. 
If the Arizona Cardinal’s cheerleaders are on the flight, I might punch them in the face
I won’t be productive for at least two days afterward due to sleep depravation
I’ll probably get sick because of lack of sleep
All of my blog followers will have to listen to me complain…more
All of my AOL Instant Messenger buddies will have to listen to me complain….more
I’ll be thinking of making sure to catch my flight all day Sunday

So, I’m honestly not sure what I am going to do.  Well, as I type that, it isn’t entirely true.  I booked my first flight a few days ago and decided to take the non red eye version.  I figure that since I’ll be working on the flight in the morning (I’m a morning person) I’ll make up at least partially for my late arrival.  That is the hope at least.  This is one of those ask for forgiveness vs ask for permission type deals.  At least that is the way I am approaching it right now.

What would you do?


Pat said...

I'm thankful I don't have to travel for work.

I think it would be better to have you half a day less and productive than a non productive zombie the first half of the week.

Hopefully, your clients and bosses will see it that way.

Quality over Quanity!

Ulyana said...

How are you doing after the marathon?????

I say no to red eye. If anyone has a problem with that direct them to me... or not...

Seriously, don't torture yourself. You obviously get the work done.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I would find myself a new job - but that's just me. Of course, I don't fly to begin with so it's kind of a mute point for me.

Michelle said...


Follow your gut!!! Or follow all your blog readers advice!!!


Kelly said...

Maybe just TRY out the redeye, and if it's a total nightmare, then switch back to the other crappy option.

Frayed Laces said...

I say take three sleeping pills, two glasses of wine, and enjoy a blissful sleep on your red eye.....

However, I think there is probably a healthier option.