Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm going to get caught up on blogs as well as get a running update out this afternoon!

As much as I hate to give Steve Jobs his due, podcasts REALLY helped on my 20 hour drive this weekend.  I had around 15 hours of podcasts saved up and alternated between them and a fully loaded iPod that a friend of mine let me borrow.  I found that, even though the music was awesome, the podcasts really helped pass the time.

Before I was catapulted into the 21st century and discovered Podcasts, I would listen to talk radio.  (Insert comment here about how I am an old man)  NPR or sports talk radio would usually help pass the hours and hours of long runs on Sunday morning.  However, over the last year or so, I've collected a number of solid podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis.  I normally listen to them while running my long run, but sometimes I'll listen to them on the plane or while I am less busy at work.

Here is a list of the podcasts (in alphabetical order to be completely fair) that I listen to on a regular basis.  I've linked to each of the associated blogs but ironically I don't read any of the them.  I'm not sure why I don't read them, but then again, why would I do that when I could just plug in and have someone READ it to me!?  Itunes does all of the heavy lifting for me!  Now, if I could just get someone to read RunnersWorld for me.....

One important thing to note, subscribing to podcasts via Itunes doesn't require an Ipod.  In fact, I only recently bought my little Ipod shuffle but have been listening to some of these since they started.

Does anyone else out there listen to podcasts to help their long runs go by?  I'm always in search of new or exciting podcasts to add to my list.

Brandon's Marathon: Brandon is an opra singer in NYC who recently completed his first marathon and is training for his first ironman (IM WI).  The thing I really like about this podcast is that it is a very well organized / produced podcast. Also, to be honest, since he uses his voice to bring home the bacon, he has a radio type voice that is easy to listen to :)  *in my best radio voice* Heyyyy, you're listening to Q102, all the best music.... all the time!
Live Music Podcast: This podcast is from a high school buddy of mine who LOVES music.  A great one if you like the same type of music he does and love to listen to live recordings.
NPR Science Friday: I'm a science dork and I love me some NPR.  How could I not subscribe to this one?
NPR Car Talk: See also previous, except replace "science" with "car".  Besides, these guys are a RIOT.
Runner Lounge: This podcast provides a lot of 'solid' running advice.
The Runners Round Table: The format of this podcast is interesting.  It is a live chatroom where anyone can join and speak their mind.  The logistics are sometimes a bit difficult (stuipd interweb), however it is very interesting and usually worth the VAST differences in volume of some of the speakers.  Of course, that does mean that I blow out my eardrums every so often.
Running in the Center of the Universe: This is one of my favorite podcasts because the author takes his recorder on the run!  I usually listen to it while running so it is almost like having someone running with you.  Very cool idea.


Pat said...

Car talk is funny, even if you're not into cars. Glad you made it into AZ in one piece.

Marcy said...

I don't. I don't know why but I don't think I could handle just "talk". Funny because I watch tv while working out all the time. I'm a weirdo :P

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Glad to hear you got through the drive.

I never listen to them when I run, but I listen to a lot of podcasts at work. One of my favorites is Phedippidations. Steve takes his recorder with him on runs as well. It is really well produced. Give it a listen when you can.

Rural Runner E said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common. I loved talk radio, but sucks where I I live on podcasts now. Listen while I run, drive, work in the yard. A couple of my favorites are:
NPR - Wait, Wait.....Don't Tell Me
NPR - This American Life
Skeptics Guide to the Universe
Discovery News

Kelly said...

I'm a pathetic 23 year old. I STILL don't get how podcasts work.

OhMyLaughter said...

HUH... I had never thought about that. Listening to a Running Podcast while running.

It's funny because I can do a longish run on the treadmill (If 8-10 miles even counts.) Anyway, when I'm on the treadmill I basically HAVE to be watching sports. Partially because I'm entertained, and PARTIALLY because I'm watching people run around and be active (Not lounging around drinking coffee.)

I feel like listening to people talk about running probably is another great motivator to keep you going.

Michelle said...

A lot of runners I know listen to podcasts on their runs. I am with Marcy on this. I don't think I could listen to just talk all throughout a car ride or run.

But they are great. And I may give them a go. Perhaps it would get me through a longer run!!!


sRod said...

Hmmm, I think the podcast will also be a nice way to ease up my dependence on music during longer runs. Let's see if I remember this when I get home.