Friday, May 29, 2009

On a race hunt

I need to run some more races.  If you look at the little race schedule to the right, you'll see that I don't have any thing planned until October.

For me, races are a means to a number of ends:
  • They give me a goal to train for
  • They give me something to talk about
  • They supply an ever increasing collection of free Tshirts with sponsors on the back - which make me feel a bit like I am in NASCAR
  • They let me spit, blow my nose rocket style, and scratch myself with relatively little repercussions

So, I'm on a hunt.  The first step is deciding what length to go with.  I'm not sure if I can do another marathon this year or not.  I really would like to, but it would be difficult to fit it into my schedule.  Besides, I'm going to run the RnR Phoenix Marathon around new years, so I'd like to be well rested for that and hopefully run another PR.

So, that honestly leaves 5k and 10k races.  (Haven't fell in love with half marathons yet)  Luckily, the AZ Road Racers seem to have a race about every weekend.  In fact, Pat told me that you can sign up for 5 of them for only $25.  That may be too good to pass up.  That would possibly add a 5k in June and two in July.

I recently found out about a 5K in my hometown of 1800 people (the town, not the race!!).  Now THIS race would be a riot to run.  If that isn't age group winning material I don't know what is!  Unfortunately, since I will be living in Arizona by that time, it would be hard to get to since I will have to catch a flight!

So, I'm a little torn.  I'll likely put some serious thought into it while driving across the country this weekend.  But right now AZ racers Run for Vaina on June 7th and AZ Road Racers #4 on July 18th are the leading contenders.

How does everyone else choose races to run?  I'm in a bit of a scheduling slump!


Michelle said...

i choose mostly what is in my state then my city then my hood. Nah not really but mostly what is in my city.

You should run races - your fast funny and you can spit, blow your nose rocket style, and scratch yourself with relatively little repercussions!!!

But I do all that on my regular runs. Is that normal?? Am I not supposed to??


Enjoy the weekend dude and THANK YOU for being a good friend to me!!!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

If you are interesting in a trail run in September, the Flagstaff Trail Marathon also has a half and a 10k on September 26th. I'm driving up on the morning of the race if you want to ride up.

The Cactus Cha Cha is a fantastic 7-mile trail race on October 10th. I've done all 5.

Otherwise, the ARR 5ks are very good and a lot of fun. You won't find anything much longer than 5k in the summer here in Phoenix. You are about to find out why. ;-)

sRod said...

Not in love with Half-Marathons? Whaaaa?