Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maintenance runs?

5/16: 3 miles, 7:27 pace
5/17: 5 miles, 8:03 pace

I was in my hometown this past weekend in northwest Iowa.  My wife and I saw a few people and got to catch up with each of our respective families.  Unfortunately, the cold that I was fighting off most of last week really took hold during the weekend, so I think that my rest period is going to last a bit longer than I would like.  Blah.  I've never experienced a post-marathon cold, but I've read all about how running a marathon totally wrecks your immune system.

On Saturday, I ran a few miles with my wife and, while she was getting ready for the day, I decided to crank out a quick 3 miler at a pretty good pace.  The GREAT news was that I could tell my calf was starting to heal and was on its way to being 100%.  The bad news is that the miles seemed to drag on and on and on.  I know that this is because I hadn’t done any real running for nearly a week so hopefully I can get on a consistent schedule and keep the leg cobwebs at bay.  Either way, this time I was able to do the 3 miles as basically a tempo / slow 10k pace.  Of course, with this cold in my chest, I’m not going to be sticking to that any time soon.

Sunday’s miles were a bit weird.  I went to a high school graduation on Sunday (the catalyst for the trip back) and spent most of the afternoon eating pickles and cake.  Don’t judge me.  The pickles were wrapped in corned beef and were glorious.  The festivities were starting to wrap to a close around 5:30pm and I was tired of asking my wife who various people were.  So, I decided to go for my ‘long’ run of the week.  My aforementioned cold was starting to get a bit annoying, but it hadn’t moved to my chest, so everything that I’ve read said that I was just fine to head out for a quick jog.  I went for a run and almost immediately regretted eating the pickles.  But, I powered through with all of the energy that I obtained from the frosting and was able to get the miles in.

So, right now I’m in a holding pattern to see if this cough that I’ve developed turns into anything or if it is the end of the cycle.  Either way, I don’t really want to run and risk making it worse.  I wonder if I can lift weights and not make it any worse? 


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Pickles and long runs? Ouch!

I'm glad to hear the legs are feeling good. I hope your cold goes away quickly.

Michelle said...

I was wondering if eating pickles before a run was a smart move!! Thanks! Now, I know it is not!!!


Chic Runner said...

THAT COMMERCIAL IS THE BEST. ha ha glad you commented on it. :) It is seriously hilarious and I will stop the tivo just to watch it!

Pat said...

everything is good with corned beef.