Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fargo Marathon Thoughts

Since I am just 4 days away from the Fargo Marathon, I thought that I would look back a bit and do a prerace postmortem on my training.  The more interesting thing will be to do this same analysis after the race is over.  Hopefully I’ll have the same thoughts!

What I did the same:
Hal Higdon.  He has worked well in the past and has got me across the finish line 4 times before.  His focus on off days really works well for my lifestyle (traveling consultant whore) that enables me to take days off while I am traveling.  I trained off of his Intermediate II schedule with some slight modifications.

What I did differently:
While I did use the same training plan, I incorporated some speed work through the first few months.  I only did Yasso 800s on the treadmill – nothing fancy because that is the kind of guy I am.  (In the bedroom is a totally different story – heyoo)  I loved doing these and will most def work them back into my regular routine.  Also, I really focused on my pace.  I tried my best on my short runs to go slower than I would like (same story in the bedroom!!  I’m on a roll…) and until I got hurt I was incorporating a 5th day of running a week.  Finally, I ran two additional 20 milers one of which was a full marathon.  The extra miles on my legs served me well even if only to build up my very fragile ego.

I did VERY well with injuries during this training cycle.  While I did fight with some nagging pains, they were mostly my own doing.  I strained a quad muscle doing some squats (I know… I know….) which I believe lead to a nagging opposing ankle issue.  I just can’t help myself.  When I get into the gym and I see all of the meatheads and the crazies, I just want to load up the plates and go to town.  GRRRRRRRRRR.

For my goals, I’m tracking to the A/B/C style of goals.  My A goal is a sub 3:30 race.  I would need to have no wind and a perfect race to hit this.  I have the legs for it, but everything would need to fall into place.  My B goal is a sub 3:40 race.  My C goal is to set a PR of a sub 3:44.  While it is aggressive, anything less than a PR would honestly be a disappointment.  I know what you are thinking: “Gosh Adam, you seem very arrogant/cocky/boastful/ass-tastic.  Why?”  Mostly because I ran the 3:44 after running 20 miles the 4 days before on a very hilly course.  I may have to “eat a bit of crow” if I totally blow up, which I have done before, but I think that posting it here on my blog makes it ‘real’.

By the way – what the hell is the deal with the saying ‘eat some crow’??!!


Ulyana said...

Not ass-tastic at all!!!! You are on a roll, so go for it!

Pat said...

I think in Fargo, crow is a delicacy. But, I doubt you'll be eating any.

Have a great race. What do you need to BQ? 3:25?

Adam said...

Pat, to BQ, I need a 3:10! It is almost an unattainable amount right now. That hasn't stopped me from possibly putting it into the 2 or 3 year plan. Oyy.

Ted said...

Good Luck at Fartgo! Kick ASS !

Pat said...

Adam, I can sign up. I need a 3:30. You can run it. BQ. Then, I'll run the first half of Boston and you run the second half.

We can be "Team Rosie Ruiz".

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Good luck!!

Rural Runner E said...

I wish you only the best.
I am a bit jealous of your ability, but I never begrudge someone of success if they have earned it, and it sounds as though you have. Run on my friend.

Michelle said...


Also, your a funny guy, I am glad to know you!!!

Oh yeah and ROCK FARGO!!!

Marcy said...

There's nothing wrong with laying it out there you big a$$hole (LOL JK!) Nah really, only you can gauge what you think you you're capable of. Now go kick that course's A$$!

Tom said...

Hey, you found my blog! Weather isn't suppose to be that bad up here this weekend, 48F and partly cloudy is the latest and they are calling for no rain!?! 2 loop course is kind of a bummer but it's REALLY flat now and should provide better protection from the wind if that's a problem Sat. Look out PRs!

Kelly said...

Good luck!!!

aron said...

good luck this weekend!!!! hope all the stars align and you get that A goal :)

sRod said...

Thanks for all the thoughts. My training schedule is in need of an overhaul--and the Higdon schedules look like they would actually fit in my life.