Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back on the wagon

It’s official.  I’m running regularly again.  Well, I guess if you could call one time for 5 miles regular.  But, I am PLANNING on running regularly again.  I’m on a running streak of 1.  I imagine that Paris Hilton is having a similar streak of not getting hammered and drunk dialing that guy she made the noodie video with….  Baby steps Paris, baby steps.

I sorta took off 2 weeks after my race in Fargo to recuperate and get over the cold that I had.  As a result, I have since ran a total of 8 miles in the last two weeks split across a painful 3 miler and a snotty 5 miler.  I read somewhere (Possibly the Running Laminator? Can’t remember) that after a marathon you should take off a day for each mile.  While that seemed a bit extreme, I didn’t feel bad that I took the time off. 

Anyway, I ran 5 miles at my new relaxed pace of 8:15/mile.  I’m making a conscious effort to step my pace up a notch with the goal of getting my speed up just a bit.  Not a lot of speed, just the tip, to see how it feels.  The new paces that I’m going to try to hit are somewhere between 8:30 for my super long runs, 7:45 for marathon pace runs, and 7:00 for tempo runs (speed workouts will be done around 6:30).  That will put me on pace for a 3:23 marathon.

The run felt good.  It was really nice to get back on the wagon again.  I noticed that the Lifetime Fitness that I go to gets BUSY during the early evening hours.  In fact, all of the 50 or so treadmills were full at one time during the night.  So to try to free up the treadmills a bit earlier for others (ok, I just wanted to see if I could do it or not) I ran the last mile in 6:30.  Not the best idea, but I’m sort of an idiot like that.  

On a side note, I REALLY need to find a fast 5K and see if I can break 20 minutes.  I’m not sure if I can do it right now, but I know that I can get really close if I try.


Pat said...

You need to try the Under20/over90 AZ challenge. That's under 20 minutes in 90+ temps for a 5k. I just made it up for you.

RazZDoodle said...

So you're boring AND an idiot.

Welcome to the club! We have t-shirts.

Nitmos said...

Heck yeah you'll beat 20 mins. Hit some speed work! Take steroids! Forget that last suggestion. That was inappropriate no matter how big of a short cut it would give you. And it would be a really big one.

Ted said...

What a relief that you have decided to run regularly !!!

Hey dude.. To respond to your question. I would highly recommend Garmin 405CX. It is outrageously COOL! I have an Apple iMac and it works great when syncing with a Garmie. I use two websites to download so I can see all my fancy data. Check and also
Lastly, take my words. You are going to love it! You will want to run more with your new Garmie!

Rural Runner E said...

Glad to hear you are getting back to running. If you are ever in Missouri I would recommend the Charleston Dogwood Azalea 5K. As flat a course as you will ever find with minimal turns....I actually ran a 19:15 a few years back when I first started running.

Marcy said...

I'm with Nitmos just go the steroids route :P I kid!

Michelle said...

Yeah what Ted said!!!

He knows.

I named my garmin Seth just in case you want to meet him!!!

sRod said...

It's taking me a long time to get back on the wagon post-race. But I think this will be the week. I honestly don't know how you do it with all your traveling.