Sunday, May 3, 2009

5/2 Weekend Run

8 miles, 8:06 pace, 181 average HR

Today's run went really well.  The weather was almost perfect at 60 degrees with overcast clouds.  I still had some slight pain in my ankle that is more nagging than actual pain.  It honestly seems to get better if I keep it limber and run on it more - so maybe that means that it is a little tendinitis?  I'll have to do a little self diagnosis at some point this weekend (my wife LOVES it when I do that).  Thank goodness for WebMD.

Am I the only one that HATES to go to the doctor?  You go there, only to wait for a hour - 30 min of which is in the cramped exam room - talk to the doctor for 5 minutes.  GAH  It is enough to give me high blood pressure.  Don't even get me started on the $40 copay...or swine flu!

The thing that I didn't like was that the run was really choppy.  I waited a bit to go out running which also meant that everyone else had a chance to get up and start their Saturday morning errands.  I kept thinking to myself "why is everyone out so early!?"  But then I realized that it was actually like 10:30am instead of my regular 5:30am.  Yeahhh, big difference.  So, almost every single stoplight light (about once a mile) I had to stop for some period of time and wait for it to turn.  As a result, my HR was all over the place.

This is my last run before the big Fargo Marathon.  Since I am going to be in Atlanta this week and will fly directly to Fargo (via Minneapolis) I'll have to figure out exactly what I am going to wear for the race a week beforehand.  Not idea to be sure - but it has worked in the past.  The weather is a week out, but it looks like there is a pretty good chance of rain.  I just hope that there is no wind!


Michelle said...

Great pace MR!

You are going to run that Fargo awesomely!!!

I am your running sherpa remember? Let me know what tunes you want to listen to!!!


Marcy said...

I don't like it either. This is what always happens: Wait for 30 min. He prods around a little and then says "Stop running and take Ibuprofen". Ok thanks totally helpful since I have a marathon, half marathon, whatever I'm training for. GAH!

Rural Runner E said...

Good luck in Fargo.
Traveling before hand cannot make it any easier. I am sure you will do well.

Kelly said...

When I was younger, I didn't mind the doctor (I think I liked the attention). But now I hate it, cause they're always coming at me with a needle or some crazy painful instrument I've never seen before.