Saturday, May 30, 2009

1400 miles to go

As you read this I will be driving from Kansas City to Phoenix.  The 1400 mile drive is not something that I have looked forward to, but I realize that it is a necessary evil.  I told my mom a few days ago that this move seems to be an iterative process and I am only on step 2 of 6.  You know, sort of like long division or Alcoholics Anonymous.  No one likes any of them, but all three are necessary – and painful.

I’m really excited to get to Phoenix, find a house, and be able to sleep in my own bed again.  Sleeping in hotel beds for 2 months and counting is really draining.  For those of you that don’t travel on a regular basis, think about it for a second...  What is the first thing that you do when you get home from either traveling for work or vacation?  Probably either crash on the couch or sleep.  Traveling takes a lot out of you.  Not that I am complaining per say, I’ll just be very excited to get back into a normal routine.

That said I will miss a lot of things about Kansas City.  As I brainstormed about the things that I will miss, I was amazed at how many of them were smell related.  I smell things – a lot.  In fact, I associate all sorts of things with smell.  (Double down on the deodorant if you are going to visit!)  Quite honestly, out of all of the things I’ll miss (seasons, BBQ, the Midwestern lifestyle, no traffic, being within driving distance of my parents) the smell of the city after a long trip on the road was one of the first things that I thought of.  Other smell related things were the smell of fall and the smell of green grass.  Maybe I smell everything because of my extra large nostrils.  Gotta use those puppies for something!

So, think of me while I am plugging away killing each and every one of the 1400 miles.  The great news is that a good friend let me borrow her iPod and I’m going to load my shuffle full of podcasts.  During the drive I’ll work on my truckers tan and try to get a run in here and there!


Pat said...

Just 12 years ago I did the St. Louis to Phoenix drive. I broke it up by stopping to see the sights. Oh wait, I couldn't find any sights. Yeah, it was a rather boring drive. The scariest part was the drive at night from Flagstaff down to Phx. It was like walking on a 30th floor building ledge, at nite, with semis wizzing past you. I thought I was going to fall off the mountain.

Have a safe trip and welcome to The Valley!

Rural Runner E said...

Good luck on the trip, sad to hear u r leaving my neck of the woods, but there is lots to love about AZ. Enjoy.

Marcy said...

You're going to your new home city now?!? HAVE FUN!!! Man I'd die to live in Phoenix. Love me some hot dry weather.

Michelle said...

Good luck driving and be careful!!! I want you to arrive safely so you an run and then make me giggle. Be safe bro!!!