Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zack Efron will always be a small Tom Hanks

Since I’ve been talking about running so much lately, I thought that I was due for another non-running bulleted post. You know how we consultants love us some bullets!

  • Is it just me, or is that new Zack Efron movie, 17 Again, a TOTAL rip off of the movie Big? I swear to god, if there is a Zoltron machine somewhere in there, I’m going to scream.
  • Is it bad that I sorta want to see it though? I mean, Efron is annoying, but I realllly liked the movie Big. Shit, did I just lose another man card? I don’t even care, Zack is sooo dreamy. :)
  • Things on the moving front have been fast and furiously coming to a close. I’ll post more details on that later in the week, but I can’t help but admit that I’m really bummed out that I will only be spending a few more days in MY home. I’m sure that some of it is the stress of moving, but I can’t help but feel a bit depressed at it all.
  • I think that I need a vacation or something. I’m going to the Caribbean in June, but am really looking forward to hanging out in Austin over memorial day. I think that I’m going to be a day late than everyone else which means that instead of going out downtown, I’ll get to hang out on Lake Travis most of the time. That is just fine with me. I’ve always been more of a water balloon fight kind of a guy than a clubin’ kind of a guy anyway.
  • Ok, one running tidbit… I am used to being sore after a super long run, but I am always surprised at WHERE I am sore. This time it is in my….bedonkedonk. You know, the junk in my trunk? For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, I have enlisted my buddy Kim Kardashian to help point out where the pain is. Kim is totally my new Paris Hilton.


Michelle said...

Dude I totally know about the bedonkedonk pain! I think I have a bedonkedonk somewhere back there and it's kinda big. When I run on the boardwalk there is a cafe with a mirror and every time I pass by the mirror I look at myself running and all i see is my bedonkedonk sticking out!!!! :O)

I'll stop now!!!

Kelly said...

Hmm... I see your point about Big, however it's the REVERSE Big. Because he's getting younger, not older.

I won't be seeing it, cause he drives me nuts.

Pat said...

That makes sense, since you were haulin' bedonkedonk down in Arkansas.

SuperDave said...

No kidding that your "bedonkedonk" is hurting. You ran all up hill!!
That is one fine Kardashian bedonkedonk! ;)

Home Away said...

you're in charge of bringing the water balloons!

sRod said...

Thanks for the illustration!

nomad said...

i don't get it, what are the arrows pointing to?

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