Friday, April 10, 2009

Week of 4/6 Runs

4/7: 4 Miles.  1/2 mile walking at 20:00 pace and 3.5 miles running at 9:00pace

4/8: 5 Miles. 8:36 pace

4/8: 5 Miles. 8:16 pace

Tuesday: Wee doggies.  My bedonkedonk was still on FIRE.  I tried to look up some ‘post marathon recovery’ schedules online, but it seemed like most of them just said something to the effect of: “DO NOT RUN THE WEEK AFTER A MARATHON YOU IDIOT!”.  Soooo, since that advice was dumb, :) I dug even deeper and found that a lot of them suggested that if you were stupid enough to keep plugging away, you should mostly just walk.  So, I walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill, decided that I couldn’t take it anymore and sped up the treadmill for a 9:00 pace jog.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m the brightest bulb, but it did help limber me up.  The only downside is that because my glutes were so trashed, my ass was all jiggly while I ran.  Has that ever happened to anyone else??


Wednesday: Today’s run was outside.  I couldn’t do another run on the hotel treadmill.  Overall it was good to get out in the fresh air.  I could start to feel myself coming back from the race and start to regain some of my running form.  I held a pretty good / relaxed pace throughout the entire run and only felt some minor discomfort in my ankle and some minor jiggles in my ass.


Thursday:  Ok, I didn’t do exactly what I was supposed to do with this run.  This is supposed to be a cool down week.  You know, rest my body before another 20 miler next weekend.  But, for some reason, I wanted to see if I could actually hit 8:00 pace with really tired legs.  Was I risking injury?  Yes.  Was I not letting my body rest like I should have been?  Yes.  Was I able to hold the pace for the last two miles?  Yes…Basically….sort of.  My splits were 8:31, 8:07, 8:31, 8:11, and 8:00.  With a little warm up mile and a mile with a huge hill in there, I was basically able to hold steady right where I wanted to be.  Score 1 for me.


On a side note, last week with my marathon I set a PR for distance in one week.  I ran a total of 44.2 miles (in 4 running periods).


Michelle said...

My bedonkedonk jiggles all the time!!! Welcome to my world!!!

Your very funny!!!

Pat said...

I suggest you go over to Message Envy and tell them you only want the lady to touch your bedonkedonk. And hope they listen to country music or you might get arrested.

sRod said...

"Rest" after a race is a very lose concept. You can pretty much do whatever you want, just don't jump back into peak training right away.

About your shakey trunk. I've never experienced extra jiggliness there before.